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Such a cute lil' game~! <3

I also really love juice.


Said no...refused to pay for friend's shot


Very solid game! I would love to see a game like this, but much longer! I love Japanese horror as well as the "sketchy" drawing aesthetic this brings. I did run into the glitch as mentioned in the description, but other than that there were no problems! Wonderful game and I hope to see more games from you guys in the future! 

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I had my narritive went towards child soldier :) Very nice game and I love the style of it!

This was really fun and interesting! Spooky enough to keep you on edge the entire time! I can't wait to see what the next episode holds!

So cute and charming!

This game has great potential! Maybe because this was just a demo, but I felt that there wasn't much of a "threat" from the wife since she appears and is taken care of quickly from some quick-action button pressing...or maybe I'm just so used to horror games nothing scares me haha. I think the only thing I would maybe suggest would be to let the flashlight last a little longer than 20-30 seconds or depending on how much you wind it depends on how long the flashlight stays on. Overall, I think this game has great potential and would love to see it finished!

This was a really nice game! I feel like you could make a whole big game out of this. It's a really nice concept! Very fun to play!