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I saw this on Indie buzz website, nice to read about the bros behind it xD The game plays good, really nice music and responsive control. Hard as nails for me hehe, but thats how arcade games were!!!!!!

Man i love this

most game i seen on itch so far are like microsof paint. THIS was actually pretty damn guud, and i <3 bebob anime XD

Just read an article on indiebuzz where you talked about this game, being a big Bebob fan I had to have a lookzy. Luv the music and flavor of story. I can imagine how cool this game could be down the line. pls finish soon :D

fun game, it seems you can only shoot people to the right? very satisfying picking up a streak of people.

this is my life

reminds me of marble madness

can only interact with doors?  like the wacky style

This looks insane! <3