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apologies for asking, but what is the difference between this version and the original version?

Don't know why it would be a bad idea, unless the country would somehow persecute you for being on this site, but in either case, that makes sense. Hope your situation improves

damn, where you living at if I may ask? 

sad that there are no more games out there, but oh well. when there are few people into it, you gotta support them how you can, so you have my 20 bucks. hope to maybe see you do something with this game/make another game at some point in time. have a nice day, kuri!

there we go

Eating Popcorn png images | PNGWing

damn, for whatever reason it does not actually post the image, despite having the preview showing the image itself

me waiting for the next comment of whether or not it will come to android despite them only needing to look once to see the answer:Image result for popcorn eating

a really interesting game that I will watch the developement of! Really hits well regarding the kinks (BDSM, tickling, furry) and the art/design is awesome! few games which are as graphically good as this one without being visual novel styles of games

only thing is that the gameplay atm is rather lackluster, however I assume it is because this is a demo and because it is early access, more or less, so it will be way better in the future. wish you luck/fun during developement, sir/miss!

nevermind once again, it is possible. except now I do not know how to resize it into the previous size again, as the resolution is different now. halp

nevermind, I just read that it is not possible. oh well

hey umm, apologies for asking, but how do i make the game full screen? currently it only fills perhaps half of my screen

Ah, I see, good to know. thank you for elaborating!

Would it not be a good idea to put it in the description that it is not a sex game then, perhaps?

apologies for asking/If I do not understand, but currently the only NSFW content is nudity upon death from what I could gather from the description, correct? or am I wrong?

are there perhaps any examples of that, if I may ask? I cannot tell if the lewd parts are some small scenes, cutscenes, or are happening when you interact with some entities inside the world, nor how it actually looks like, and i would like to, if it is allowed

though, it is understandable too if you wish to keep everything in the game.

question: what version will the demo be when it will be playable with mouse and keyboard? i prefer to test things before buying them

Apologies for asking, but is this really a hentai game? I haven't played it but the preview doesn't show anything lewd

hey umm, apologies for asking, but is there a download link available that is not from ? because this one always fails midway so i cannot really download the game

apologies for asking but are there any videos of this game? as in, i cannot play it due to no VR, and i wish to see more of it

also, what is the name of that attitude? kuudere? gotta say i am either way fine with whatever gets decided, but i find shy people cute/sexy. god i am horny
anyways, good luck!

an alternative option is have her be 18 but serve the story in exactly the same way as before - in the sense that there still won't be any lewds and they will interact in the very same way,  with some minor changes to make the text/story fit

the good is you avoid steam's bullshit without changing much in terms of story and content, and maybe get some practice in (if you need it, stuff is great as is)

the bad? she might feel different if she is an adult. additionally, there will inevitably be people upset about this change, especially some who later in come on, expecting to lewd her but not getting any hentai

either way, the decision is yours, i just wanted to provide an alternative option to "pay loads of money to steam/remove her entirely/lewd her". i wish you a very nice day sir!

if i may ask, what is the secret hidden interaction/ending that was talked about?  may i ask for it/how to get it?

one bug in the alpha:no matter WHERE you are,whatever you selected to destroy/build will be destroyed and build(exept if you lack resources when you have to wait till you get them or cancel the building process=destroy it.also,whatever you intedet to do about the ramming damage it does not work properly,and the map gets deleted after you exit the game(means when you load your save you only see your own structures on the map,marked blue).also if possible,could you make it the way that you can scroll the map please?and about balancing,would it be possible to tweak the wall generation or ad an liquif tunneler?because i had an much needed water lake beside my base but it was surrounded with walls,which made it basicaly impossible to use it.also, an idea:how about a blueprind mode where you can build whatever you like without having to worry about resources and your building and seeing range,so that you can plan things better out than just paused. i'm sorrythat this is so much but...well,its the alpha,and this is quite normal                         *megaboto tried to cheer for somebody and encourage them...he failed,like with everything else in his life*                  anyways,everthing else is quite good in the 3.5 and 4.0 is quite...interesting too,while i would recomend an tutorial, since it's so different. but thank you for continiouing(sry for my bad english,i am german and only understood english for something like half a year)