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Mega Advantage

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Looks like it follows the theme and has some potential.

For something so seriously unfinished I'm actually a little bit surprised that it's already at least very mildly immersive.

Hope you'll work more on whatever you're going to be making next, keep it up!

It was not too bad. There's a platform game tutorial on youtube that was very helpful, things are pretty easy to set up. But I did have some problems for example with the physics engine that I didn't really have time to solve. Definitely still a lot to learn for me. For 2d I think it's better to use than Unity.


Simple idea but well executed! I enjoyed it

I'm trying... lol
First game in Godot

The music is probably the best part so far:

Pretty unique game, you should try uploading it to Kongregate or Newgrounds, it could kinda work as a small timekiller. Maybe if you implemented something like wind into the mix as well, so you don't just figure out the optimal angle and use it forever.

Probably the best one from the entries, I adore the art, really well done and consistent.

That goddamn AI though, I considered myself an avid gamer, after versing this AI, I no longer consider myself that.

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Main inspiration was Lands of Lore, but with more interaction with the enemies, :D
Maybe we should check out LoG as well.

Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words! We've definitely learned a lot and will make our next game even better :D

Hahah, thank you, unfortunately this was like 10% of what we actually wanted to make, but real life responsibilities and a rather low experience with making games (for now) was a little bit of an issue.
We'll be definitely looking to improve in the future, you happened to be our 'first' so to speak :D

Have a nice day!