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Thanks for the feedback . Despite the delay, we are still modifying it for better performance.

Good evening, sorry for the delay. We have not yet defined the total size of the rom when it will be complete.

Goodnight. It hasn't been canceled yet it's in production! We had game editing tool issues and had to start over from scratch. I'm happy to ask.

This project is commendable, a new concept of fighting game. great plot, who knows it becomes a movie.

Thanks for the appreciation, we are studying the possibility of having the digital version, as well as the physical cartridge.

Ficamos muito contentes .

Thank you for the appreciation. It's a game for the mega drive/genesis cartridge system only. The project continues to move forward to give the player the best experience.

Yes, we also intend to release exclusive digital media for use in emulators.

Goodnight. Thank you for your interest. yes, the project is intended to be a physical version. we're about 70 percent done, now we're in the fixes and tweaks phase, which this part is time-consuming. More news soon and we're happy to ask.

We are very grateful and happy that you like it, we are striving to give you the maximum experience. brief news

Jogo fantástico , muito promissor. parabens aos envolvidos

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Bom dia! Infelizmente não possuo aparelho para testar , mas conforme relatos e em algumas lives funcionou bem.

Tem esse link de um vídeo de testes de apoiador.

pra saber mais do projeto visite :

Tranquilo , breve teremos novidades . O trabalho ta intenso.

Agradeço o feedback.

jogo muito bem feito, obra de arte

Lindo esse jogo . compete com os demais

Jogo incrivel, parabens

jogos fantásticos, espero que saem pra mega drive.

Muito obrigado!

Thank's very much

Fabuloso. muito promissor

Projeto fantástico  poderia colocar demo mais atualizada , porém cobrar por isso.

fabuloso o game , otima opção de shooter, espero que tenha sucesso.