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Great, no problem!

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Thanks, it's really fun to work with the limitations of LowRes!

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Appearently there's no way to do that on itch, so sadly I'll have to leave it like it is right now. I hope there's a way to solve this in the future!

Since the game has five different versions, I will see if I can make something like hidden links only accessible from the game page, although that would be hard to mantain.

My question was more about how to put the PICO-8 version as a playable file without overwriting the TIC-80 version which is already playable there (since itch only lets you put one playable html per page). I made some research but couldn't find anything, so I think that I'll have to leave the original version as the only one playable on the page for now.

Thanks! I already knew how to export games, but is there a way to make the game playable only in this article or make multiple games playable on one page? I want the original TIC-80 version to be the one playable on the main page.

When no green lights are left, you can use B (X on the keyboard) to change the center tile and continue the game. If you have no green tiles or special moves left, you have technically won the game.