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Am stuck on the fox planet now I gave the clue to the fox girl and we figured it out but now I'm not sure how to progress further talking to her just has her saying about the quest npc would have made it easy for us to find.

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How do you continue a sex scene after starting one only thing I see is auto and after like 10 minutes nothing happened. :<

Edit: Nevermind there was a button on the middle right that can be hard to see that you click to advance and cum inside your partner. It also has a keybinding but I don't remember what it was offhand.

Is there going to be a demo for the game then?

It's okay I have Doom Eternal to punch demons in for now.

I also don't like the lack of rebinding keys either which is why I gave up after learning this. Seriously this has been an option for decades now so no game has an excuse not to let the players do so.


How in the world do you delete your save game???

The game is fun but the controls especially moving makes me want to punch a baby so hard it's not funny. :<