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Thanks. Actually I was thinking about making it for mobiles too. I'm curious if it will work for this audience.

I will upload it to some sites like Newgrounds and see what's the response. Who knows :)

Thanks. Oh believe me, there's a lot of beer, it's just not free :) It has to be earned with triple kills.

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Thanks :)
As a hint, there are spots where 3 targets appear close to each other, e.g. during the second horse chase - 0:30 on the clock.  These situations are good to go for triple kill.

I love the vibe. It all fits together and is enjoyable.

You also made a great job with the readability. I mean by that the choice of colors and the way you use them.

I liked the unintended feature where holding space made the character soar. I miss it :)

I had to play it couple of times to get it. At first it was frustrating because I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

There is match3 alike mechanic, but I didn't get that the main action resolves around replacing the cat with an item of choice. After understanding that it was fun.

I love the humor! :D
Might have mastered the turds, but the snake is more difficult (or I'm not patient enough).

Managed to make all patrons happy :) Guess I can become Beertender if my current career derails.

That's my best.

It's difficult to control, but maybe it's  better that way.

It has awesome audio and I liked what you did with the beer particles - their outline connects when they touch. I can't do that :)

I enjoyed the visuals and audio even though I'm quite bad at it - couldn't get past the first room :)

It felt a bit difficult but part of the problem was my left mouse button working intermittently. Sometimes the gun was not firing after pressing it and sometimes I had to hold it and wait more that a second so it starts firing.

Awesome :)
I think you told me 69 kills was the record? Let it be the number to beat by others.