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Interesting world you have created, it feels like it is filled with so many questions to what is causing people’s deaths, while at the same time having such an angelic experience to how people pass on. The multiple different mini games was a challenge and really made for the experience of cleaning the house actually feel like a challenge, especially when so much is left behind after people die.

Another fun game, it did take me a few rounds before I realised I could actually carry multiple boxes. The game was well laid out, the added threats through the night really made you have to keep focussed, while repeatedly utilising the candles really allowed you to keep focus on the threats. Was a lot of fun, and I did try to see which of the haunting would kill me.

Adorable visual novel. It was nice to play a game where the story was so relaxing with cute characters. Especially when all of the endings just felt sweet. Loved all the facial expressions you made for the cat, it looked adorable especially when it was being scratched.

An interesting game, it really works well as the opening to the entities you’re creating the mystery to what the thing in the woods is, while the secrets to your partner's past really builds the wonder to what is going on in the town.
PROJECT_LIMINAL community · Created a new topic Playthrough

Loved going through all of the levels, the game really blends a sense of real and unreal into all of the levels. I feel it has something to do with the glossy nature and the heavy use of lights, it really gives an ethereal unnatural feeling to the levels. Had a lot of fun, especially when I realised the floating shade was not my friend.

Really nice visuals in the dystopian world, and you really had me on edge when I was jumping up the platforms repeatedly. I was finding myself overrun with ghosts and had to really react quickly. It really makes for a strange future where society planned for death with the dolls, whatever ended the world was not able to be stopped.

Great work on the dialogue. It is really entertaining seeing the main characters interact with each other. The game really gives a strange feeling of weirdness to the world, especially with the step ladder and the wanted poster. Really feels like it will be a unique quirky horror game looking forward to the full release.

Game was interesting and it really helped me understand what actually happened in ‘The Spider on the Wall’ . I did not realise that it was a connected series of entities and events, I have gone back to the first now to understand what type of monsters and beings you are thinking up. I had to rewatch through my video on ‘The Spider on the Wall’ because it makes so much sense to what I was actually playing through, at what was happening with the hotel.

I did wonder what your original plans for the story was, I looked at the images in case I missed anything and seeing the butterfly attack really made me wonder what more to the world you were creating. Especially to what the butcher would have been, as it looked like a separate entity on its own. 

Honestly it is a really interesting set of stories, and it’s nice to see someone trying to build a world of interesting horror stories, and entities that feel otherworldly.

Shining Street 21 really has much more futuristic visuals, and the use of cutscenes really makes your art style stand out. It works really well, and the effect on the monsters felt as if they were reduced gave them a cleaner image when attacking.

Honestly the game was great, between the Dr Shtraus games the art style stands out, it really does have this perfect mix of clean and stylized futuristic feel. The cutscenes really give me a strong comic book feel, as the moments of actions are massively brought to the centre of the screen. While the combat does pose a challenge it is a reaction and keeps you on your toes.

Thanks for messaging me about playing them. It was definitely worth playing a game that has managed to build its own identity.

I had to play through both games to really feel what the series is like, same as I did for ReveVoodoo. You really have made a distinct art style for your games, honestly when I first started playing I was surprised at how visually standout the levels are, as well as the monster. Gameplay was fun, the enemies really fling at you and you have limited time to react, only got stuck at one point when you are exiting outside and the big one runs at you. My first thought was I have to get to the interaction on the left of the screen. Till I realised after a few deaths you just need to unload like hell into them.

Really love the futuristic world with monsters, the story is really interesting and really loved playing through both games.

Interesting little VN, I would have noped straight out of there as soon as my Counsellor changed without notice. Really was SUS being brought to the car park, I think my first thought would be am I about to be kidnapped. Was fun seeing all of the endings, and that there were multiple ways your day could end.

Great game really did well on creating the twisted nightmare of the game show. Really reminded of John Doe and the Uncanny Valley, would fit perfectly into the universe with something that seems so innocent being full of horror with the game host having twisted fun. It’s that point where your arm rips which really pushed the nightmare of the situation.

The art really fits especially with the gamehost growing more arms, also it’s nice to see that you used the neon art as endings it really made all of the endings stand out. 

Great game, it’s always fun playing small horror Visual Novels, you get to really see the creativity of the developer.

Nice little horror game, I can easily see the inspiration of Limbo. Honestly, the first thing I thought of with the Robot Heads was ‘The Iron Giant’, thinking you are a survivor of the great war above.

Great Demo, it’s been the first time in a while that horror game actually made me jump. I was not expecting Father to attack me so early into the game. I was too focussed on the skeleton in the chair. Was a challenge getting my bearings in the building but once I did everything was easy to find.

Great work on the security lock, it's the first time I have actually been punished for trying to force the number. With the layout it really made for a tight spot to hide away. It was also nice to see that Father could drag you out of hiding if he catches you, really makes it a challenge in the tight building to get away.

The game really lulls you in with the cute mascots and the family of characters seeking shelter from the rain, yet spirals into a cannibalistic orgy with potential nightmares and horrors. All of the different modes really add to the experience, changing the routes the story can go and offering more narrative. Some really creepy visuals and quite a lot of hidden easter eggs to other horror games.

A great RenPy horror experience and really worth the full game playthrough.

You are very welcome! ^_^

Ohh that sounds great; I will definitely keep my eye out for the updated Don't Notice Me, thank you for letting me know

Honestly, I started playing the game and thought it was just filled with bad endings no matter what I tried to discover, my character was going to have a bad time. I did find the good ending and there's so many different things to experiment with in such a small game.

Really interesting idea for a game, and great work on really getting so much out of a game that only had two rooms. The fact that so many different things can be interacted with and has purpose was great.

Going to have to play through ‘Don’t Notice Me!’ I went past the game a few times and did not realise it was a horror game till I saw the character panel animation. Looks interesting and I wish I had tried it sooner.

The Director’s Cut was really worth playing, so many failures at my job really allowed the world to be destroyed. Really well done on the different endings, a lot of creativity in watching the world end. The bonus videos really shine a light on the mysteries of Nova Nexus, you are not protecting a simple Laboratory. A lot of new content, and some really interesting moments.

What started out as a monitoring watching game, really changed fast. I thought I was just going to be stamping paper as the monsters around slowly moved closer. Did not expect the world to become a mix of madness and death sphere, really puts into question what you just played when it felt like reality fell apart.

Loved the nods to your previous three games, really takes you back with After School being 7 months ago. That speedy bush really made me laugh, really was not expecting it to fly by.

Such a creepy game and watching the characters be attacked by the alien entity really gave for some shocking visuals. Was not expecting the bright cute date to suddenly turn into a dark nightmarish world.

Did not realise till after I completed the game that I’ve now played everything you created. Loved all of them from the depressing story of Mother, to the adorable narrative of Space Yandere and finally the Creepy game of The Child which really has a sweet true ending. Loved all of them.

Absolutely adorable game, playing as a tiny cute robot and interacting with the crew, as you watch your creator go into the Yandere hole was such a unique viewpoint. Really worked with the multiple endings and the choices you could make. 

Is really worth the play, just to see the adorable drawings and how dangerous a yandere can be, when their dreams are denied.

Honestly an amazing horror game, of how you used the gameplay actions in the sci-fi world to align with the story beats of the traumatic past was astounding. It was done really well and at the end watching the clips go by, really aligned both together. Really felt like a strong narrative game.

What a wild ride, I could not work out what way the story was going to go. It was hilarious with a lot of jokes and I really loved the characters. It was great seeing their interaction seem genuine but go completely to the extreme, and all of this based on the Calzone, really fun to playthrough.

Those Sharks are really relentless and kept me on edge, having to keep making sure they did not get close. Sort of reminded me of FNAF having to keep checking each side, apart from these are giant sharks that come on mass. The first death I had was unexpectedly working out how to shake the cage just for another shark to emerge from behind it and kill me.

Was a lot of fun though that QTE at the end was a real challenge, good job on all of the deaths it was really making me have to monitor everything to stay alive.

What a cute little game, you really managed to make the frogs really expressive. Such a sad moment to see the parting after school, with such cute characters.

Interesting take on vampires, it really felt like it was not simply the need for blood but people she met or fed her effectively became enthralled. It really came across her melancholy to the situation as if it was somewhere between acceptance and sadness to what she is. Loved reading the game, and seeing all of the endings.

Honestly I was not expecting the game to be so deep and focus so heavily on the characters, it was really fun playing and seeing where they had wound up. The art was great and the design choice to create the abstract horror moments really stood out and made for some intimidating scenes. Loved it.

The game was so sweet, and you really managed to make interesting conversation between two unique characters. Honestly got shocked by the bad ending, raises a few eyebrows what was going on, though the good ending was adorable. Amazing job on the characters. I am shocked at how humanised her expressions are when she is visually an expanse of space, she looked adorable blushing while it was visually amazing how you made it so expressive.

Interesting game, was not expecting combat, as soon as I picked up the crowbar I was just waiting for those mannequins to come to life. Bopped a few on the head just in case, till they charged at me from the fog was a challenge taking them down. Was fun, especially taking out the killer in his cinematic death. For some reason seeing the enemy appear with a machine gun reminded me of ‘Cry of Fear’.

I am glad I waited for the full release before playing the game, the last part really pulls together the experience and interconnects the ideas. Each story really felt unique and I loved the different horror tales in each, that middle really was the creepiest seeing a story where everyone was deforming themselves in a delusion of comedy. Really great horror moments in all of them, and it was a real challenge finding all of the keys. I still wonder what will be in the last drawer.

Thanks for the help with the endings, it was easy to work out where to go after you get back to the main warehouse. I just would never have thought you would have to literally quit the game to get back there, I must have scoured that basement so many times looking for a way out.

The game was a lot of fun, I think seeing as I was creating a video and reading out everyone's dialogue the game went really smoothly, even now whatever is going on down in the basement is unexplainable. Reminded me a lot of ‘OFF-PEAK’ where you're just someone passing through an active world. Absurd but interesting.

That was a challenge on the harder difficulty, those ghosts can really swarm you with projectiles and it is a challenge to keep avoiding while waiting for the recharge. Though really interesting idea of using the camera to change time periods, finding the ghosts through the hub location was a great idea. 

It did take a little while to work out camera angles for the journal, though it really kept me focussed on the environment as I looked out for where the pictures could be. Some camera angles were a challenge to line up, but it was a fun experience.

Another Lighthouse falls into madness, it was creepy watching all of the inhabitants slowly change over. Really loved how the madness slowly takes over, especially with the cat seeing each traumatic week unfold was amazing. Really interesting how you managed to create such varied ways the madness claimed the people.

Honestly, a really interesting idea using the found footage as an in-game mechanic, piecing together the tapes really felt like an interconnected event, and that ending was a great twist just like with your other games. Even knowing everything with the tapes only raises more questions and the mystery worked so well, the futuristic sci-fi horror really works well.

May have sequence broke a little, I found the key to the cellar without the help of the picture, I kind of leave no spot unturned in my horror games.

An interesting short story horror game, really surprised the way you took the game using a flashback to stage the dark actions in the past and present.

Really creepy game, and the story is really interesting, just the mystery of what is actually going on in the basement, and those build-ups really make you wonder what will happen after the end of the game. I am curious to how everything started, especially with the monster and loss of the parents, there are so many potential things that could have happened that just makes the story so interesting.

An incredible game, and a really difficult one, played on release and the normal mode (now called Difficult mode) was so challenging it really made me have to rethink how I handled levels in order to survive. The limited hearts really made me risk averse, and in the later game I had to make sure to avoid the enemies as much as possible.

The story is incredible, it has the perfect twisted fairy-tale feel, and the visuals and callus actions of domesticating humans just comes off as creepy and horrifying through the cute lens. To the point as the game becomes more twisted in the fairy-tale design it really stands out. The game works so well that I actually forgot about the beginning of the game, and it was only till later on that I remember what happened, while the ending that is an absolute perfect twisted horror moment. 

I really loved playing through the game and it is really worth the experience, the game really will become one of the most memorable and unique ideas for a horror game.

I’m glad it was never this bad when I worked in a supermarket, you did get the odd person going into fresh veg asking for where a specific alcohol was. I tell you one thing I learned, if a customer wanted something employee only areas did not stop them, you will find them in the back of the store when you least expect it.

Was a great manic game that I had to actually plan and evade to complete.

Finally managed to catch up, now I’ve played all of the games in the series, I have been curious about ‘Dear Rebeca’ ever since I found the secret code ending in Reiko. Honestly, I really love the artwork in Dear Rebeca it really has some of the best horror images in it. I really want to know what it is with that creepy little doll, it’s just unnerving in the game. Really can’t wait for the next game in the series.