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This was a great addition to the Uncanny Valley series; the art style is once again incredible, I really enjoyed playing through this game and it definitely felt to be in the same universe as John Doe.

I enjoyed searching out all the endings, each ending felt very intuitive on the steps you needed to reach it; such as the difference between the 2 living endings being the place you need to be standing when refusing to go into the house. 

Even with the small bug with the 'straight to the apartments' path (Which I'm glad to see you've managed to fix) it didn't subtract from my overall enjoyment of the game. For a second I thought the card being in my pocket before meeting Maison was intentional, and he had performed some creeper #1relator magic to slip it to me without me knowing. 

Good job on the game; I'm looking forward to the next addition to this series!

Game was a lot of fun, I really love the characters you designed. Really enjoyed causing havoc in hell and would love to see the chaos I could create by staking all the hats. 

The game is really interesting, and I can’t wait to see which way the story goes. Combat in the game already feels like a unique experience, it took me a little while to work out how to fight the final boss.

Although at times it felt like I was fighting the control rather than the enemies. It took me a while to get used to movement being with W and S while to move forward and the mouse to turn. At the same time when you are far away on camera it really makes it hard to judge if your taser is close enough. Still it did become easier as I progressed.

Looking forward to the full release.

Nice Little game, I did try to see if I could be hit by a car, sadly my actions were fruitless.

Really loved the story, especially with the character piece of coming to terms with death and the regrets you start to feel of once important actions feeling meaningless. Really have to side with the docs though, not sure how anyone is capable of staying happy when constantly dealing with patients who are going to die.

The game really reminds me of ‘I Am Legend’ and how the vampire affects humans, that closeness to what they once was with some capable of retaining their human minds, while at the same time others remnants of their selves and closer to monsters. Especially feels fitting for the game with the plague-like spread of the virus.

Really interesting game, was worth seeing the endings and how she is able to make it seem like there are loads of possibilities to her injuries.

This is amazing, I absolutely love how you have managed to make Francesco Goya’s art look in 3d. I only recognized three of his painting making cameo’s: ‘The Europeans’ which looks like the Old Man, especially the brushstrokes on the 3D model look perfect. Obviously ‘Saturn Devouring his Son’, which seems like the main painting referenced to Goya. As well as ‘The Blind Singer’.

Also the way you made the portal was great. I ended up having to walk about to just watch how you made the transitions effect. It truly felt like stepping into a new world through a painted portal. 

I really loved how well ‘Saturn Devouring his Son’ came out in 3D, it also looked great that people kept the posture that they were painted as. It made the world feel like it was living in imitation to the art, and having the mouths moving would take from the visuals.

Amazing game, really enjoyed it.

Such a weird abstract world, I loved the creativity you have for making the world.

That was a weird game, it’s like a surreal nightmare where you have to do a job no matter what. He does not give up, even with the storm taking all of the walls, I will block the windows.

I can best explain the game as you are completing puzzles while walking across a tightrope. It was fun but quite time consuming for the puzzle size.

The puzzles were fun and took some time to work out, I think the main difficulty was that it was a memory game. Was I capable of remembering what I am looking for while focusing on not dying? This really made levels a challenge like the last, in which I ended up writing out notes to remember what I needed. Especially on the last level where the notes were scattered through the level.

You can’t really see in the video but a lot was cut out, mainly getting lost or a lot of dying. It was to the point that I kept walking off the edge as I was too focused on avoiding the monsters floating above.

Still it was a fun game, and I really loved the puzzles.

The game was a challenge, getting through those traps was difficult. The puzzle was simple enough, and it is really interesting with the ending. I am sure you are spending the rest of your life being monitored.

I love the Papercraft Art, it really makes the game stand out.

Nice little game, you really managed to make it a challenge to get away from Huggy Wuggy, he really is on your heels with how fast he gets. Seeing his hands clipping into the screen from behind was both hilarious and highly creepy.

Creepy game really works well with the black and white filter. There are so many little horror moments on the side that can be missed, I found most while replaying the game. Loved how the island leads and traps you into the lighthouse forcing you in the monster's grasp.

Interesting game, you really manage to make the story come out of left field. The red herring with the power station really made me think the game was going to go in a different direction. Loved the scene of the powerlines at the end of the game.

The game really reminded me of Security Booth, and is a lot better on the horror. Just watching the security camera and seeing the moving ghost girl, as you look out at the oncoming guests knowing that potentially one of them is the killer and you are unsafe. 

Also the ending was great, really tied in everything that was happening. Really great game and easily one of my favourite short games you have made.

Also was the Detective Hoffman and Scott T intentional saw references? Because I was greatly amused when I saw the names, even if I was immediately suspicious of Hoffman.

Really creepy game, love the horrific view of the future society. I am curious what the use of hair is for, I heard it is used as a vitamin, but it makes it look like the future might not have humans in control of the world.

The game was great and that moment with granny did catch me, I knew she was going to die but still it shocked me when she did. The exploration was good, and it really felt like a slog and easy to get lost in the snow.

The compass did not really help in the end, it kept pointing me to dead ends and I only found where I needed to go when I explored. Would have been nice if the compass was combined with a basic map, maybe if it was just on the wall in the first house you went into. Something that would help me understand the basic layout and compass directions.

Other than that, the game was good and makes for a creepy cannibal horror game in the snow, especially the twist at the end makes you wonder what is actually going on.

The game is really interesting, especially when it feels one whole event of life and death, as you pit the two voices against each other. It really makes a challenge for who you can trust in each moment. The ending options were also great, it really felt like thought was put into the game on the most obvious routes that can be taken.

The background music was a little annoying, but I toned it down in the video.

Beyond that, it was a great game and a really creative story.

Absolutely loved the game, it has the perfect feel of Cooking Mama and Horror. Especially the possessions puke, how much came out of him during my gameplay. You really managed to capture the feel of Cooking Mama, only with added projectiles to really amp up the stress. 

This game was a challenge and it really ramped up as you got through the stages. It felt very rewarding when I was finally able to get through the last level.

I did find a few bugs while playing, the third right page of the book was not visible, I was able to see if turning the page so was not much of a bother. During my first run I died on the third Exorcism, and the game sort of started back where I was, but I had to complete the other two exorcisms again to complete the game. Also some of the cutting motion seemed inaccurate only noticed this while editing.

None of the bugs hampered the fun of the game, and I absolutely loved playing through it. I wish more people would notice how good it is.

Really great job on the game!

Lovely game with great artwork and it is so nice that there is a horror rpg maker/visual novel game which truly feels like it has a happy ending. The endings were easy to get as long as you paid attention, and it was adorable seeing the relationship between Ryo and his family.

I am curious what is with the other scarecrow on the farm, at first it felt like there was something darker going on with it, though not sure if in the end it was just an ordinary scarecrow.

Really lovely game and is worth the play to see all of the endings.

Game was a challenge to keep on top of the windows opening, the audio was really helpful though it did get me spinning a few times. I am curious was there something I could do with the tape at the end of the game. I looked around all of the boxes and I am not sure if I missed something.

Game was interesting, I went through it to get all the endings, I did not realise when I played the game first that each number would be a different character's viewpoint. It was interesting though I felt like I watched Three quickly become obsessed, while most routes Jupiter does not even realise Three exists. Definitely had Three rapidly become creepy, especially with moments like the hair snipping, though it felt like it really did Three’s obsessive perspective well. I did attempt to make Three as creepy as possible, if someone got hold of his diary, well I don’t think he’d be in the school for long.

The art is great, it really stands out from other games, and those abstract moments of fixation had a perfect tone of creepiness. It did make it look like Three might need some counselling, especially with his unprompted dream of Jupiter.

The game was fun, it did take me a second to realise that you had five minutes of actions, when I first started I thought I literally had five minutes to shove everything in front of the door. Loved the visuals gave me an otherworldly ‘I am Legend’ vibes, especially with how creepy the human looks on the book.

I do love the randomness in which the man will attempt to explore the house, it really worked in my favour as I put the chair in front of the door and he went to every location before the bathroom.

Great Short game, and was a really creepy take of a random man being the creepy boogeyman.

I am not sure what the creepiest art of the game is, the monstrous creatures that you created, or just the scientists with their eyes shifting. Both feel inhuman and creepy and really add to how dark the story seems.

A lot of the experiments feel really strange, especially when they made a flower out of toes, it feels like the scientists started creating things because they can without purpose. While I am not sure what he becomes at the end, it was so strange and creepy and gave me the feeling of Cronenberg movies.

Really great game, and the visuals are truly amazing and stand out from some of the horror games I played.

Really enjoyed the demo, it was a challenge dealing with the monster when they can’t die, I had a few runs where you quickly get overwhelmed by them. Realised I need to be careful with my gun and try to not engage them.

I am curious how the money will be used in the full game, it was fun kicking all the vases but I am wondering if my wealth will allow me to buy some cleats.

Can’t wait to play the full game, it is looking great and I really love the 2D art of the game.

The game is hilarious, especially my first run through. I could not tell what was going to happen and only had the fervent desire to survive. 

I love the art of the game, the eldritch human form looked great, especially all of the facial expressions that you managed to create with all of the eyes. It was worth going through the game to see all of the endings, and was a little challenging with the game, it took a few false routes till I found all of them. Was definitely worth it, as some routes were completely different, and the art at the end was great.

Really great intro, it was really creepy having the priest just appearing, and I don’t think throughout my entire gameplay I ever got a good look at him. Not sure what he kept doing with my broom, I swear he was taking it from my room as I slept.

Honestly, the best moment was just having to clean the dirt in front of the chest, sitting there thinking I’m going to be chucked in there, or something will jump out.

I was wondering what the full game would be like, the main question is over the gun the father grabs, curious if the game will turn into an action game. Either way looking forward to the full game and can’t wait for it to be released.

The game is adorable, I love the cats are all doing their own thing in the room. The puzzles were easy to grasp, and everything you could interact with stood out really well.

Loved the ending, though I am curious if we basically set the cats free from the apartment, just to get them trapped in the halls to terrorise the neighbours. All of that meowing.

The night is so strange, I am curious what's the meaning with all the holes, and seeing not just the child be chased but the entire world becoming twisted really adds to the creepiness.

The story is great, I was not expecting the more sci-fi twist to the end of the world. Yet I still got that perfect sombre depression as the characters talked over the end of the world, that realisation and how the different personalities relinquish themselves to the end of the world. I absolutely loved the story, it was a shame it was buried so deep into itch it really deserves more awareness.

To where the characters end up is such a depressing end, I am also curious about the message and where it came from, for each timeline having its own message you have to wonder if more was going on.

Another great game, short but you really manage to make a creepy game, I was wondering how the time loops would be in a horror game. It was done really well, and truly felt like a traumatic moment had grasped the player. I did become a bit fixated on the locked door in the apartment, I was expecting a secret ending, something hidden in that room.

Really loved the games you have made, both Red Valley and The Clown’s Fun were great, still absolutely love the Clown game mixed with saw traps is just a great horror idea.

Can’t wait to play your other games, and I will have to get them played next.

I feel so sorry for Huxley, he never stood a chance, he was little more than food for Dahlia. It was sad, no route could give him a chance. I made sure to go through all routes, and there was no chance of the two living together, I am more saddened that the toymaker did not remove him sooner.

Kind of feel sorry for Dahlia, but it feels like the only answer is to introduce her to other puppets as guests in small doses. While she needs a gilded cage close to the toy maker. It felt like she was somewhere between a yandere, and a worshipper seeking the most devotion of her god. It’s a shame the toymaker did not try something different. It’s like when you keep reptiles, it’s not a smart idea to put them all in the same cage.

The game’s art is great, it really is amazing in making them look adorable. Those end images were perfect especially Huxley’s that image is so haunting and creepy.

The game is great, and definitely worth the play, definitely favourite character was Huxley, he was perfect.

A really creepy story, I feel sorry for the child having to sleep day in day out with the deceased brother. Just picture the maggots that swarmed the house, and the day in day out wretched state the place fell into.

It feels fitting that the story does not have a happy ending.

The visuals are great and the found footage works perfect for the game, the grainy visuals of the camera really make all of the dark imagery that much more striking. Especially the thorned angel statue, that looks so monstrous through the camera lens. 

I don’t know how I got lost underground, that was all me, it was not the worst time. I managed to get lost on Meat Shift, and in that game the doors literally closed behind you.

Absolutely great game, and a perfect use of found footage in horror visuals, also definitely an amazing ending to the game.

The game is really interesting, with straight off the bat learning of cultists and other dimensions. I am really curious what the full game will be like,  what other dimensions we will go into.

Looking forward to the full release, and I will go back and play the first games in the series.

The game was great, and I loved the idea you had for the story. A post apocalyptic situation with angels really makes so many possibilities in which the story could go,and how they interact with survivors. Especially the questions you manage to build up just in the intro, of the creatures' different forms and the act of luring humans to the refugee centre.

Also your art style is amazing. It stands out so well, having the minimalist but stylized characters looks great, and I adore the way you have managed to make the eyes give such an expression. I wish I could see a full game like this, as the game has such a great visual mix.

I do wish I had read the description more closely, I did not realise that our character also looked like the people we meet. It would have made it not seem so obvious, as I thought because of their appearance they were angels.

Hopefully I will be able to play something else you make in the future.

The game looks great, both demonic and otherworldly. I am really curious to what is going on in the game, what I could piece together at the minute has left me curious. 

Love the unique art styles of the demons, they both seem completely abstract and alive, while the movements of them are really striking especially when they move closer into frame.

Can’t wait to see the full release of the game.

I have to admit, I was concerned when I saw there was a game centered around the Original Bad Ben. I mean, that movie is simply a masterpiece... how could a game ever live up to the beauty of Bad Ben?

But you absolutely have managed to! This whole game was an experience of perfection. I adored it, it definitely gave me the experience of enacting the film, especially as everything is delivered through the camera perspective. Also the fact you gave us Nigel Bach voice over; there's nothing better. 

On a serious note though, you did a really great job, this is the third game of yours I've played, and each one has been enjoyable and memorable; I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create!

That was such a unique mix of a game, it had great dialogue with each of the ghosts, and it was just fun cleaning all of the blood. Really enjoyed the character interactions.