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Meeka Nomicon

A member registered Dec 20, 2021

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Cute game, simple but charming. The art is great, especially the ending cg's. All the endings were entertaining, I had fun with my playthrough.

Really great game; I loved all the models of the Friends. I enjoyed the uniqueness of each level, it definitely prevented the game becoming monotonous by repeating the same mechanics. 

I'm really curious who we are exactly, since we seemed to have a connection to the Asylum. Good job on the game, I'm looking forward to playing through Asylum! 

Great game, honestly the image of Baby face patiently standing behind me as I open the grate is hilarious; I wish I could pan the camera to see him as I work. I had a lot of fun, the puzzle was easy to figure out, trying to avoid Baby face in a small dead end room was the real challenge. 

You did a great job on the game! 

Incredible game! The artwork is beautiful, I had so much fun playing through this  game and collecting all the endings. 

I'm really excited to see what game you create next, I've loved all of your work so far!

Great game, it was nice to discover the origin story of our Dr Morgan; both games were great and I had a lot of fun during my playthrough. 

You did a great job on this game.

Amazing game! I had a lot of fun hunting finding our good friend Larry. He's really a charming chap! 

You did a great job reimagining Where's Wally into a fun horror experience, I love when childhood games like these get twisted! I loved the narrative, almost had me feeling a little guilty, until the ending of course.

Nice game, I really like the pixelation art style. The cave was a nice layout and became fairly easy to navigate after I realised you could go down most small tunnels. Good job on the game!

Nice game; I had a lot of fun during my playthrough collecting all my different endings; I think my favourite endings were either 6 or 7. I really liked the end twist, I do feel really bad for Arata though; it reminds me of the ending 'No Escape', just with a bit less brutal.

Good job on the game!

Great game! I really liked the monster model, also the face screen at the end of the game was a nice creepy touch! I had a lot of fun with my playthrough, and the VA was incredible! Great job on the game! 

Amazing game! This feels so well made and polished; the art style is beautiful, I love all the cut scenes and cg's. The VA is also incredible and really fit with the game to the point where I was actively hoping to make a choice that would trigger another Alice line! 

I really enjoyed the narrative of the game, it was not what I was expecting in the best possible way. I was honestly having so much fun with this game, that I wasn't even upset when I was dumb enough to reset my game when messing around in console :')!

You have done a really great job with this game; I'm really excited to see what you are working on next! I'm honestly surprised I'm the first video. I'd guess it's most likely as the game page is not tagged under general 'horror'.

You're welcome! Great game, by the way I had a lot of fun! 

It's no problem! You could just have both available and then tell everyone to copy/paste locale files from the old one into 1.1. It worked for me as I luckily had your 1.0 still downloaded :)

Hey, your 1.1 download file does not have the locale files included needed to run the game :) 

Really good job on this game; I love the monster model, especially the death sequence when we get a good view of all the teeth! I was not expecting the microphone mechanic, I found it hilarious! Very well done!

Nice game, I really liked the creature models and had a lot of fun sending the guards to go see Raymond. I am really curious what we look like though. You did a really good job on your end of year project! 

I'm glad you liked the playthrough, I had a lot of fun. In some ways I do feel bad for Dagger, but at the same time.... 

Yeah, I played your game through an emulator, I use the Game Boy Advance Emulator :)

Nice game; I love the Gameboy style of this game, you really captured the feeling of GB Colour games like Pokémon Blue.  I enjoyed how the narrative and what happened years ago was revealed through our interactions with the ghosts of our crew.

You did a really good job, I enjoyed my playthrough of your game. I'm sorry I was so late, a lot of games got released at once for Spooktober! 

Nice game, I never realised how bad my brain is at holding information until I had to remember the 4 requirements Cthulhu had for a gift. I had fun with my playthrough, I was hoping that a perfect run would have resulted in Cthulhu refusing to leave after the year. 

Good job on the jam game! 

Really great game! I'm very impressed with the amount of work you were able to do within two weeks. My favourite part is definitely the Sanity damage scenes, I was not expecting them and they were very creative. It took a few attempts, but I did manage to start the reactor; although I was so distracted looking for keys and lockpicks, it took me a little while to realise the reactor was fully powered. 

I really enjoy how the amount of Suits and Sparky bois seem to increase as you play, really helps to increase the tension and stop you from dawdling. You did a great job on this game! 

Great game! I had a lot of fun during my playthrough, the puzzles were well designed and not too difficult to figure out. I loved the art design, especially when we reached the Eldritch Plains; you did a really good job especially with the 2 week time restriction for the game jam! 

Also the sound design and voice acting for this game was great, it definitely fit the atmosphere perfectly. Congratulations on winning the Overall, Visual and Audio categories! 

Cheshire Jack - you did a really great job! Your VA definitely fit the game perfectly! 

Vidas - Maybe have a look into Mr. Widemouth? I feel like you could create a really awesome character design and I'd be curious to see what you imagine would be down the path. Either way I'm very excited to see what you create next, I'm currently working my way through your Timore series :)

I love your game! The art style is beautiful and I had a great time torturing interviewing our winner of season 1! I enjoyed the flashbacks and learning parts of what went on during the battle royale. Yokina really reminds me of Junko/Monokuma from Danganronpa, slightly disturbed and reveling in the despair of others.

You did an great job, I'm excited to see what else you create! 

Great game, the puzzles were fun and not too difficult to work out. I found the premise of the game pretty interesting as clearly this is not your average escape room, but something unnatural as we have changing hallways and mentions of 'breaking the simulation'. Would be really cool to play a sequel and discover what really is going on. 

You did a really good job on this game!

Great game! The art style is beautiful and I love the body gore art work. Both endings were great, I think ending 1 is my favourite. Good job on the game!

Great game; I love the art design, it really creates a creepy and unsettling atmosphere; the contorted person in the box is one of my favourite visuals. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the two alternate paths. Hopefully we'll get some answers concerning our brother, cause right now I'm even questioning if he was ever on the train in the first place.

This game really reminded me of the movie Sucker Punch, especially the Magical Girl Ru pathway. Good job on the game! 

Nice game, I really love the design of the test experiment, you really made such a creepy design.

Another great game, I love the design of Buddy and it's always nice to see Cornerthing again. I feel like Buddy really needs to be introduced to Becky, they would have a lot of fun together drinking tea and traumatizing Robbers! 

You did a great job, I'm looking forward to your next game!

Nice game, you did a good job with making the stalker appear creepy; although his run is absolutely hilarious to me! 

Great game; I love the distinctive art style of this game; it definitely has a feel of Milk Inside a Bag of Milk, not only in colour palette but how we - as the narrator/disembodied voice can actually interact with Sara. It was definitely an interesting playthrough, I had a lot of fun and I really liked the Reminiscence.

Really nice game! I really liked the supernatural direction of the game, I was thinking it was going to be more of a yandere story around the time of our dinner date. The art was beautiful, I loved End game Scarlette's design.

Great job on the Spooktober jam! 

Great game, I had a lot of fun during my playthrough! I really love your art style, you did a great job at creating some creepy character designs. I'm assuming that as we get made into an Arbiter, our appearance would become more monstrous like the other; I'm really curious what we would look like and what trial we would set.

You did a really great job on this game! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next   

Really nice Halloween game, had a lot of fun Trick or Treating! I really love the art style, especially the creepy pixelated faces.  

Great game! The art style is beautiful. I really love your use of colour to emphasis the emotional change as the story progresses; from the darker tones of the opening creating a gloomier more sullen atmosphere, to the softer, warmer palette as soon as we enter the book. 

I really feel bad for Eva, I can't blame her at all for her actions in the endings, considering what she's been through

You did a great job on this Spooktober game!

This was such a sweet yet sad playthrough, you really created a great atmosphere. The art style is really nice, you made a great choice with the colour palette as it adds a softness that is really pleasing to look at.

Great game, I really loved the art design, especially the Crystal Creatures - it honestly made me ridiculously happy that I got to control them, if only to force them to get their arms stabbed Scorn style. I really like the ending, especially how what happens with the sister is foreshadowed earlier on inside the house. 

Definitely made for a nice Halloween playthrough! 

Great game! The artwork is creepily beautiful, I really love the sea monster! 100% do not regret looking back. I really felt bad Carla in some of the options, even if her imagination was pretty deadly.

You did a great job on this Spooktober game!

Amazing game! The art work is amazing, I loved how the shadow can be found lurking in the background, really emphasises just how affected we are to everything going on. I loved the range of endings we can achieve, I think the Mad King might be my favourite. 

You did a really great job on this game! 

Amazing game; the visuals are incredible, I love the choice of keeping the game greyscale for most of the game, really creates some striking images with the splashes of red. I had fun collecting all the endings, mainly because I wanted to see each infected form. 

Honestly, I really love Ray; he really wasn't very good at spreading the spores.

Great job on the game!

Really nice game! It's was fun to experience a softer take on vampires, I kinda feel bad that my initial response was to be mean now; he seems like an really sweet vamp. I really liked all the endings we could get.

You did a great job on this game! 

Amazing game; I am a massive fan of Eldritch horror and you did a great job at capturing the deterioration of Vivian's sanity as she comes into contact with the Being. I love the atmosphere you create, especially as Vivian's desperation increases to find out the truth of her Nebula.

The visuals are great, I really liked the visual displays of Vivian's general well being along side of the narrative signs of her worsening mentality. 

You did a really great job on this game!