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Thanks! ^_^

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I've put off getting verification until I finish the whole game, since it is a little pricey ( ´・_・`). But, there are ways to work around the block, depending on which version of macOS you're running! If you google the message, there should be pages talking about it.

Thanks to everyone who has played the demo so far!!! I'm filled with MEGA GOOD ENERGY from all these comments, and I'm plugging away as fast I can at finishing this thing ^_^

An awesome demo!!! I really liked how the characters played off each other, and the stakes really ramped up! Also lots of fun little details if you take the time to poke around. I'm super pumped to watch this continue to grow!

Hmm... What type and version of OS are you running it on? And which executable did you download?

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! This is super helpful.
Thanks for the kind words! And, yeah! I agree with most of what you pointed out with what needs improvement... I think I may actually go switch up the sequencing on the puzzle rooms now.  Thanks again for the crit! 

(spoiler... keep barking!)



There are going to be choices, yes, but not the same kind of choices at all as in Undertale!

I'm taking things I like from Undertale, like the character-driven encounters, the overall structure and pacing, a whimsical and mismatched aesthetic, occasional creepiness, and DOGS, but using a totally different art style and a completely different story.

It is going to be approximately 1.8 meters deep

Feel free! ^_^

Maybe someday!! I'll starting thinking about that more seriously once I'm closer to the end! I'd say the game's only about ~10% complete right now.

The first one is on purpose- I thought it could be fun if the "secret entrance" was off in the darkness! But I can see how that could be confusing... I'll think about ways to improve that! And, good catch on the second one!!! That's a real bug. Thanks for letting me know! A fix is in the works ^_^

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Edit: A bugfix is in the works ^_^

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Got it! Noted for when I'm working on fixing bugs

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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had fun! (Also, if you could let me know what kind of system you're running, that could help me figure out what's going on and improve things going forward!)

This is amazing!!! I'm super happy you enjoyed it, and I love the meme on the cover, heheh...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy you enjoyed it. ^_^

And, good catch on the menu!!! I just uploaded a fix, so the settings menu should be working now.

Thanks for playing! And what an awesome play through video. I'm glad you liked it! There's more coming, so watch this space. 

Really fantastic painting! It's an awesome effect