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Interesting game, I didn't find it as "scary" as I was hoping, but it got me a couple times. I'm wondering if it would help to add the robot enemies in the cave as well? Anyway I added it to my playlist here if you wanna check it out!

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Genuinely creepy game. It had me stepping outside just because the atmosphere was so uncomfortable. A pretty interesting experience honestly I hope you enjoy the video I made with it!

I was a little confused by where to go to get the power turned off, the scare at the end was pretty nice, I would love to see this game with a little more build up to the garage. Overall it was a nice short little experience so I added it to my video!

This game really did get me, it was legitimately scary and the sound of the creature clawing toward me created such a freaky atmosphere. I think the house could have been larger and the story could be expanded on even further. Great for a short game, but if you keep working on it and expand it I'd love to see it! Also added it to my playlist here

This was an interesting experience and I didn't expect it to have multiple endings. I think there needs to be a little bit more exposition to help out with the storytelling because the environment didn't provide enough detail (that or I didn't look hard enough) Great work! Added it to my playlist!

Fun, short, horror game. It was a nice twist to not be the one who's being chased around. This kind of reminded me of Supper, a pixel style horror game I played last year. Nice work hope you do more like it! Of course, I added it to my playlist as well if you wanna check it out :)

The style lent it to be creepy in a way I haven't really experienced before I think after more development this could be so creepy in an honest stylistic way

I loved the styling for this game and it was a new kind of creepy. I was confused on the "why" for the villain and who they were, but for a short game I thought it was pretty cool! I added it to my playlist as the last game.

I can't wait for the rest of this! This had pretty good pacing for a visual novel (I feel like others drag a lot more). I'm hooked and ready for the full release :3

Always love the idea of "an experiment gone wrong." Decent jump scares and the ending was unexpected. I liked the environment you created, good work! Keep making stuff, I made a video for it as well!

The narrative was so interesting I talk about it in the video, but the ambiance is what really sells this game. No real jump scares, but the game is just overtly creepy and I think it did a decent job of leading me forward without telling me where to go. Thanks!

For sure!

No  ithink the death ending is the only ending

I played through it a couple of times I think there's only the one ending right now.

The Cabin is short, sweet, and a little jumpy. You got me a few times, but a couple of the jumpscares just didn't time up. I feel like it could be extended and have a little more story to it. However, it's short sweet and it gave me some entertainment :). Also added it to my video if you wanna check that out!

Great idea! Pretty fun game, I ran into some technical issues though with the game crashing or freezing (mostly if I hit a button too many times). I thought it was fun all in all and a pretty inventive idea putting Santa in that situation instead of just a random character. 

Pretty funny game! I loved the pacing of it, very straightforward the driving was a rough mechanic but thankfully Santa wasn't fast enough for me! Made a video for it as well!

I love this game, my friend recommended it to me and I thought it was an incredible and

expressive experience that focused on topics that we're sometimes uncomfortable talking about. I made a video on this game, even though I know a ton of people have made one before.

I've played a couple of you're games before and I really enjoy playing them. I feel like this one could is a great concept and honestly could be expanded into a much larger game if you were able to get licenses from the movie studios. There were some technical issues, biggest just being the machete floating at the end (you can see in the video), but overall a great experience!

I liked the idea and style of this game. It was short, sweet, and to the point. I feel like it can be expanded on further and turned into a larger experience. Good work! I made a video with this game as well!

Added this to my scary game compilation, nice visual novel style, but I thought that some of the mechanic was a little off. For instance not being able to pick up the cigarettes prior to someone saying they want them. It was a fun game if you wanna check out the video!

Honestly a pretty terrifying experience, it was so confusing to understand what was going on, but the objectives were clear to me at least. Enjoy the video I made about it!

Great atmosphere, can't wait for the full build of this I love the art style too I'm big into pixel graphics. It's the first game I played in this game line up if you wanna check it out! 

Nice game! I enjoyed the nice little twist at the end and the monsters were very different from what I've seen before. A lot of horror games are very formulaic, but I the monsters felt random (in a good way) so I enjoyed how chaotic it was off it, check out the video down below if you feel like it!

Liked the game! Reminded me of How I joined A Cult another game on itch. Check out my gameplay!

Nice, short, simply, super atmospheric and some awesome sound design, 

great work with the game! Check out the playthrough below

Pretty fun, honestly got a good scare out of it and made a video about it! Thanks for making this!

Really liked the game, nice and simple. Nice job with it and I could see it going even further. If you wanna check out my video on it, it's down below!

Alright you got me, I have to be honest and say I got more joy out of this game than I originally thought and did expect there to be a little more so great work! I attached my play

through down below.

Had a great time playing this game, I thought it was really fun! Think it is going to be a great party game when it's all wrapped up. Went ahead and made a video on it as well!

Enjoy the video I enjoyed the game lol

Really fun game! Idk why it scared me as much as it did, I think that's why I love it so much. Those scary moments are in such a good spot in the narrative, thanks for making it! I added a video if you wanna check out my playthrough!

For a short game there was a lot of story plugged in and I really appreciated the effort put in. Like others said I was stunned by the ending and it was such a note to end on. If you wanted to watch the playthrough it's here in this video!

This game scared me a lot more than I thought it would just the idea that this guy was constantly behind me freaked me out lol. I added it right to the top of this horror compilation.

I had to add this to my horror compilation. It's so unsettling and I loved the atmosphere you created, I never really had a choice did I? I was just cruelly drawing out the inevitable. Awesome!

I get it, I knew it was for a 48 hour jam so I was like still good for two days. It was honestly kind of funny at the end with the spider because it was so random lol

This game was an interesting concept and I definitely didn't expect the ending, liked the idea of having to get close to the objects to actually see what they were. Anyway I added it to my horror game compilation below!