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I joined the cult! Pretty good game I hope to see more of it plus some more storyline! Thanks for putting this up!

I've been playing this game since it was released and it is so so worth it. I've loved everything about it so far, the aesthetics coupled with a sincere, heartfelt story created a great experience for me!

I love these short simulators that have just so much environmental storytelling!

Awesome game! I love noir and pixel art so this checked all my boxes. Can't wait for more!

Such a good game with a great story keep making more!

Awesome art style and fun game took a minute to figure the code out, but it made sense when I realized what it was!

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I thought this game was so so good. I've been playing it the past two days and had to make a video on it.

I did a full playthrough of this game and it is so much fun thank you so much for making it! Had a good time

Super dope game had a blast playing it!

Awesome game, loved playing it!