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Yep! :D

Hi, do you have any interesting classes in mind that I could draw icons for?

I was thinking about a blood mage :)

No, they bought a license :)

Hello. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the advice, I'll think about it :)

Ahaha, I got it
I'll try to release sets more often :D

Thank you!

Yes, I think that the keys will be released in one of the next resource sets or as addition 20 bonus icons for Pixel Art Resource icons #4.
Status effects in progress :)

Hello. I will try to release a new set as soon as possible :)
I apologize for the delay

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the icons :)

Regarding the style of characters and environments, I would recommend a minimalist style with outline. For greater consistency, you can recolor all the graphics under one palette. I think it would be easier to recolor the icons.

I hope my answer helped you. Just in case, here is the palette I use:

Hello! Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it :)

I'll try to alternate sets of portraits and icons

Thanks, I will add hourglass icons to the list of future updates :)
Regarding the release of new sets, I will try to release at least 1 set per month and 1 set of bonus icons

Painting a set of portraits is taking longer than I expected. I will try to make at least 1 set per month
I would be glad to hear your suggestions for future kits :)

Thank you, glad you liked it!
Yes, of course there will be more portraits: children, teenagers, knights and beastmen, monsters. There will be at least 10 sets

Hello, write me an email

Hello. No problem :)
I will add these icons when I draw the bonus 20 icons for the set

Thank you!

Thank you. Unfortunately, I don't take orders. But I will try to include Japanese Tessen in one of the next sets.
If you have any questions or suggestions - feel free to write :)

You can use and modify graphics sets for commercial and non-commercial projects, unlimited number of projects and time.

Resale of sets is prohibited

I hope my answer helped you, if you have any questions feel free to write :)

Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it!

Yes, they bought a license :)

You're welcome! :)

Glad you liked it!
You might be interested in this set: Free Pixel Art Weapon Icons

Your game looks really cool, I got to level 2 :D

Glad you liked it!
I guess it's fate :D

Thank you!
So far no sci-fi sets are planned

Thanks, glad it helped you!
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write :)
I wish you good luck with your project!

Hello thank you very much!
After purchasing the set, you can use the graphics for any of your projects, supplement and modify them. There are no fees or interest to pay.
You can't resell icons
I hope my answer helped you :)
Here is the palette I use:

OK, thank you)

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it!

Your game is very addictive. I survived very well, but in the end I got bitten :D

Thanks for the idea!
I will definitely make the UI, but only after the icon packs to make it as comprehensive and compatible with icons as possible. :)

Okay, I'll add poppy, zinnia and woman in a red dress made of a poppy icons. I'll try to make them as soon as possible :)

Regarding the name of the flowers, most of them are just fantasy without names. Others are assembled from parts of existing ones. And only a few exist, for example: a sunflower, a water lily, a venus flytrap or a maple leaf.

I hope my answer helped you! :D

Thanks a lot!
Yes, I will add poppy in 20 additional icons.
If there is something else missing - feel free to write :D

Okay, thanks for the idea!
I will try to do something similar :)

Thanks a lot!
If you have any suggestions for future kits, feel free to write :D

This looks really cool! :D
Thanks for sharing your process with me. It motivates me to keep drawing sets :)

Thank you very much. Happy New Year! :D

After releasing a set of resource icons, I plan to make sets of portraits, interface, status icons (buffs, debuffs), fonts.
You can write down below what you need and I will try to release a pack with it
Hope my answer helped you :)

Glad you liked it!
In the next set, I will definitely make a couple of coin icons :)

Thank you! :)

I'm really glad you liked it :)

Hello, Thank you!
These is Extended Royalty-Free license
I hope my answer helped you :)