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I imagine it was just to move the story but nowhere in the US is it a crime to not help someone you think is injured lmao

I'm currently stuck in the hallway, with the clue "SIT in the LEFT SEAT. Be PATIENT,", I don't know what to with that. Is there a walkthrough?

I'm having seriously bad lag after playing for awhile; it's lagging so bad it becomes unplayable. It reaches 9-11% CPU running and that boost up my CPU up to 16-19% total cause I have other things running but that shouldn't be problematic, right?

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Very laggy, tried to set graphics to 'low' but it didn't really help, so when the chase sequence happened, it become almost unplayable, I got stuck and headed into the doorframe near the exit door and kept doing so cause I couldn't make it around some invisible wall, with my anxiety building up even though I had been standing there for 5 seconds and the monster wasn't close to catching me, I quit the game, unable to take the anxiety anymore (question, is there quicksave feature? Or autosave?). I honestly like getting scared but not frustrated AND scared. I downloaded the 64 version BTW.

I do like the game's aesthetic, story and art style, very unique and, oddly in a good way, child-hood cartoon ruining (always thought those oldie cartoons were kind of creepy). Good job on that part.

Thank you! I love the game, btw!

I'm stuck in the back room behind the chimney, Help? I can't get around the safe and table and I can't leave the room.