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Yep. The Dev was going to release via GoG, but pulled it after GoG dropped the game Devotion (controversy over why, and a lot of gamers thinking CDPR could "win" a fight versus CCP).

While I kind of get her point, its a little undermined and almost hypocritical by also releasing on Steam (Which, given Valve is in direct contact with CCP in the creation of Steam-China, will never ever release Devotion)

Shame really, was very excited about this game.

will there be a final release here?

I know its a free game, however I do not agree with Steam's subscription terms and prefer to use or

Adding my voice here too, not every gamer want to use Steam.

I bought via itch because I will not use Steam.

I've spoken to the devs about this a few months ago and they hoped to get an updated version (without steam workshop integration) on itch, but not heard anything since.

Son loves this game and wants to play the new content.

Will these update be coming to

I bought this game for my son on because I will not use Steam.

Valve have put unfair usage restrictions into Steam which makes it unusable for families (can't play different games on different computers at the same time).

If not on itch, why not? or will it be made on other platforms such as gog?