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Got to say, not what I expected and I did just keep eating the bananas at first but once I gave them a chance I fell in love so quickly - 

It's all the "bugs" that make this game so fun,  interesting view point for this and the wobbly whacky hands make this a good laugh. Shame I kept breaking everything so couldn't complete it...this time. Looking forward to seeing more of this. 

Love how accurate this is to the film and the little touches that have been added that I didn't think would be even be there. Would love to see this turn into something bigger with maybe even the raptor scene added, a VR option or even branching away from the film and having to escape the Rex. LOVE IT!

Love the game, who knew you could combine Spongebob and horror together? Keep up the great work

Loved the game, it was a well done story with some great mechanics and great "enemies" The Sound effects and story were fantastic. Keep up the great work :)

Thoroughly enjoyed this, even got me a few times and I'm usually quite good with jump scares. I like the way the teddy bear guides you through. Nicely done, keep up the good work ;)

Love the concept behind it but as others have said there were a fair few bugs like grabbing the key through the safe and the confusion of the doll. Definitely would have liked to see more puzzles in it too but definitely shows some promise. Keep up the good work 

Love the game, concept is really cool. Really nicely done 

Love the demo, can't wait to see the full release of this, keep up the great work ;)

Love the game buddy, will definitely be going back for another video in the near future. Loved the secret ending and love the variations in the monsters.

Love this game, its great being their Potato God!