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Wow, the visuals are out of this world <3 The creepy crawly dance of the mouse on your body is quite the experience! Here is a recap video of the jam entries where you can see me play the game ;) 

That was a really cool experience!  A recap video of the jam entries is available → 

That was a wild ride, holy cow! The humor in the experience is AWESOME <3 Just my type of weird!  A recap video of the jam entries is available on 

That is such a creative use of a gamepad! I love it <3  A recap video of the jam entries is available on 

Your game is amazing. I love the minimalist aesthetics that you developed both for Tie Sim and Back Scratching sim. I'm hoping for a bundle of games making a weird use of a keyboard in the coming years <3 A recap video of the jam entries is available on 

As most people are spending the holiday season with their friends and family, the deadline was hard to meet for many. I extended it to January 27. Happy new year!

Anything making an unconventionnal use of a peripheral that's playable at home is welcome. I'm working on a make&play game, if that's what you're thinking about ;)

Omg, yes, please submit this game if you can! That's awesome <3

That's a brilliant idea :)


Cool! Thank you :)

Thank you! Having this kind of feedback is very motivating!

Here is an on online exhibit opportunity for alt ctrl at home games from the MAGFest :) Link to the call for submissions:

One of the best fully free multiplayer game I've played so far! 

Awesome! Can be played in 1v1 if you're good enough and have 2 gamepads :)

Highly recommended especially if you want to clean your keyboard.