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Thank you! The game actually ran at half the speed until we decided it would be funnier if it was absolutely hectic!

Thank you! I love the Worry Stonks!

Thank you! We wanted to convey our love of losing thousands on the stock market!

Check out our game here:

I'll take a look at your game as well!

Really cool! I think the only thing else that I would've wanted to see are the blocks cascading upwards and comboing when you clear them.

Thank you!

We may or may not have been listening to Thunder Force IV's Metal Squad while working on this. Thank you for playing!


I'm looking forward to it!

Big fun and sensible chuckle humor

It'd be neat to get a survive as long as possible mode

Thank you very much! I'm glad we were able to convey our love for launching school children at several times the speed of sound!

Thank you!

Waiting for the sequel Mary Gear Solid 2 which follows Michael and his escape from (Big) Shell company.

Thank you for playing our game!

Awesome! Thank you!

Thank you!

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Thank you! We'll be looking forward to the next Pizza Jam!

Thank you! We wanted to add a lot more to the game, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Perhaps we'll release an update later on!