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I found this track here! Freesound is where I got most of my music for this game.

Awesome! Thank you so much for playing <3

That is likely the issue here. Game saves don't stay if the files are zipped. Just right click the zipped file and it should give you the option to fix that!

Did you unzip the file?

It has some horror elements, but its more of an adventure game than a horror one!

Theres only a demo at the moment, friend! Full game is in the works :) 


You need to read the index cards and find the correct password for the library on the third floor. The password is T6482 if I recall correctly.

Thank you for having us on the team~ This game came out very cute so far!

youre missing the 4 other diary pages. There's one in the art room, another in the printer room, one in the basement transition room, and one in the room with the bug spray 

You can find one battery in the desk drawer and another in the radio. For the radio, go to the home ec room and solve the puzzle there to get a screwdriver. That should let you grab the battery from the radio.

Its in a cabinet in the room to the right in the hallway with the three doors. The area you hallucinate th

It may get some updates in terms of bug fixes. But other than that, it's finished!

Thank you for enjoying our game! <3 For endings, there's something in the files that helps guide you to find all the endings. It comes with a little in-set tutorial! And Emma mode lasts a little longer than the base game.

Thank you. Theres a guide for the endings in the files if you search a little. I believe its on the first page.

Thank you so much! 

Thank you very much!

Im so happy you're enjoying our game <3

We are shooting for April- May

Thank you so much, it means a lot! We hope you stick around for release!

Very cute little game! Made me laugh quite a few times, It's absolutely worth a playthrough if you're familiar with the franchise.  

Thank you :) Also we put our social medias on the front page recently if you were looking for them!

Thank you so much ;v; your words mean a lot!

thank you so much for the comment! We’ll keep in mind the problem with the BGM and try to polish it up before the final release. Also we really appreciate the video you made, we all actually got super excited to see someone made something for our little game :) 

and yes, seto Harriet