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I'd recommend the standard 3-5 players in a crew. Solo play would be very hard to survive but I'd love to see how well a creative character could do! The game is procedurally generated as you play so there's no set difficulty or a point that would definitely be too hard or too easy. If I was a player in a smaller groups, I'd play quiet and smart and try to forge an alliance with another team (but who knows when they might turn on you?!). 

Wow! Thank you for the kind words!

I plan to expand pretty much the whole game in the coming months so stay tuned for more! Weapons and Equipment (plus Inventory) are next up with magic items and a starter bestiary coming next!

I love everything here, but I especially love the idea of having a spectral beaver companion that I can have chew through doors for me and my posse.

I really enjoyed this! You really translated the mood of the place well, it seems. I feel like I can see the whole place in my mind.

Thanks for the kind words!

This is a pet/monster for use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. You should be able to find it on here or on the Tuesday Knight Games website. This is basically an add-on or optional little guy you can introduce into a game.

Just wanted to check back in and let you know I was able to find a solution! Thank you for bearing with me. I uploaded fresh PDFs for the game that will work with Previewer so you don't have to use another program if you don't wish! Thanks again for letting me know about the issue!

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I'll keep investigating on this one. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the issue! My only initial thought (since I've had this issue with other pdfs in the past, personally) is you may want to make sure the program is as up to date as possible. If you grab the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or open it in a browser like Chrome, that should work in the meantime.

Dang, sorry you are having that issue. What pdf reader are you using, if don't mind me asking?

My submission is half-letter layout at the moment but I'd happily rework it to fit this if I was being considered for inclusion! Sounds like a great project. My sub is 8 pgs at the moment but could easily be condensed down as little as a single page for the system itself and 2-4 pages for the system and its accompanying adventure.

Oh awesome (to both)! Thanks!

Hey, first off - I love this!

Ssecond, what is your desired guidance around someone looking to make a park for this? I'd love to put together a park and put it up here on Itch but always wanna respect the creators desired crediting/licensing. 

Third, the Discord link appears to be expired. 


This sounds so totally up my alley! What a wonderfully weird premise (and great art)! Backed and boosted on social media!

I guess I should finally buy Liminal Horror too!

Well now I really want to run a campaign where an androids goal is to acquire a Meat Seed and become human.

Coming back to just let folks now that we are currently 3 sessions into this and it's been going really well. A very different, slower burn adventure than many we've played for Mothership but my players are deep into translations and worrying about the effects of the Temple and the other parties involved with it at this point. It's great!

I do think that'd be a fun idea! Just a hole in a ditch somewhere that leads to this lil mushroom dictatorship! Adding it to me "do this eventually" list. 

Doing a Session 0 for this with a group tomorrow! Really excited to see how they are able to find their way through the temple!

My early idea is doing an in-universe prop/collection of adventure hooks, setting bits, etc. in the vein of a punk zine. I'm thinking lots of old photo collage, printed text but cut out line by line and pasted on top of the pages, sharpies, duct tape, staples, etc. Nothing too fancy.

Yea, I'm definitely planning to go with my old punk zine routes and type stuff up, print it and then cut the lines out and paste them on top of stuff. My handwriting wouldn't get anyone anywhere, lol.

Yea, I believe there's a way to allow late submissions and stuff too so that's an option if you cook up something even if it's a bit later. I'm also riding that deadline train (but am hoping I'll make it)!

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I love how handmade and handdrawn this feels. It fits the vibes of the setting so well.

This is really cool!

This is really cool! I can imagine working it into a small, rural setting where the players come across it and then seeing how they deal with it and it effects them and then in turn if they allow it to spread back to the rest of society, the big city, etc. and what that could mean over the course of a campaign and stuff. Do they come back months later to the city and find the Cathedral of the Divine Phrase under construction?

I'm rushing to finish a lil solo game on time so glad to see a few other folks are doing the same!

I think just a lil place to bounce ideas around and chat can be helpful. Don't think it needs to be a super structured, fancy discord (yet, at least)!

Wow, these are a lot of very ripe ideas for sure. I just love the name "The People Republic of .EXE" too. Immediately got my attention. 

In light of real life corps being even more evil than usual lately, I'm also thinking about changing my jam project to an inversion adventure where you are a team that's recovered a powerful assets and return to HQ with the intention of using it to destroy the company. Could be played after a particuarly gnarly adventure in a campaign setting or as a one or two shot. 

Hey folks, what are you think (broadly) about creating? I'm wondering what kind of breadth of stuff we may see come out of this!

Right now, my idea is a prop for in-game use coupled with an alternate/new equipment supplement. What's yours?

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During a repair job to the remote freespace station PIRAD ONE, you meet a unique group of social and political outcasts and quickly learn that some have more powerful secrets than others. There is a force working from the shadows - one commune member is here on behalf of DEXTRO-SINGLETON, a powerful corp willing to do whatever it takes to secure the station and a valuable asset hidden within it. When things go bad, will you aid the disenfranchised that call PIRAD ONE home? 

THE MOLE ON PIRAD ONE is a pamphlet adventure for use with the MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG out now with a load of digital assets for virtual play! It's my first rpg project and is one I did nearly all the writing, editing and layout for me myself. Seeing it become a real thing has been such a rewarding process already. My favorite part is being able to offer premium physical pamphlet copies as a reward via Itch and I'll mail it out to you (US only)!

Thanks to everyone who has been super helpful on Itch already in inspiring me and sharing knowledge!