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Alright, feedback stuff.
Things I like in the demo:
-This art style, world, and character design
-The type of humor the item descriptions promise
-"in-the-field" breakout games are rare, and the premise of this one is solid

Things that I would definitely work on from the demo:
1. Okay, again, I like the spread of characters, having a variety of abilities to pocket in a fast-paced dodging game is key, but having all seven of them snake-training through the screen presents a lot of visual clutter. Since speed boosting is always useful, maybe give Worm's ability a separate button, and implement a companion-wheel type mechanic like the Paper Mario games, where only the active companion is on the field with you.

2. Going into it blind, I had enough general game-sense to feel my way around and figure things out, but Garbageland would definitely benefit from a tutorial dungeon and maybe some GUI design. As an example, in the first combat room of the first dungeon, I almost missed an item because the styrofoam take-out box it was in was just baaaaarely conspicuous enough in the ruins made of literal garbage that I thought to poke around on top of it and hit buttons, discovering the Inventory! Then I spent another minute looking over all the stuff already in it (more on that in a second) and wondering why Worm was thinking really hard about this beet. A little more playing around with opening the inventory both on and off the take-out box confirmed that theory, and now I finally had learned to pick up an item!
OR there could be a dialogue between characters saying something like "Salvagable trash! Press E on it!" the first time, and the floating inventory space could have "On Ground" over/under it in the inventory menu. 

3. I'm like 90% sure this is only an "Early Access" problem because no narrative yet, but again, I found myself thrown into a group of 7, each of whom has a (face), a (name), and a (power). The problem lies in there being no quik'n'easy way to cross-reference that in game and the game likes to give you partial info. I mentioned all the stuff pre-packed in your bag; again, having these "recover power" items is good for fast-paced gameplay where you need that ability recharged yesterday. But the thing is: I haven't a dang clue who gets what! Yeah sure, "Loam" (name) the "Lithomancer" (power) likes the gummy worm, but when I'm looking at the HUD, I don't see (name) or (power), I see (face), and having just been dropped in here, I don't know which handsome lad can poop rock blocks! Again, pretty positive that literally fixing this is as simple as "add narrative," but in the meantime and maybe even in final, the stop-gap method of sticking a character's face icon on the end of their name and/or putting everyone's name below their icon on the HUD would make surveying the team easier

-If there's only 16 inventory slots, please, please make stuff stack. Or if you're trying to encourage using consumables, make sell-junk stack. Please.
-Real talk, that "allies" section ^^^up there^^^ is really useful. If that had been stuck in an in-game help screen along with a refresher on controls, point 3 would be a LOT shorter.
-Speaking of, consider putting the start-up controls guide thingy in a help screen, accessible from the pause menu below options. Only being able to see what buttons do what oncebefore I'm in the game is something that always leaves me with a little bitter taste in my mouth, albeit mostly for games with a *lot* more dedicated a button-map than Garbageland. Garbageland was more "Wait how do inventory? Smack keyboard time"

I liked visiting Garbageland, it has promise, and I hope to see more and better game down the line. Suggestions TL;DR: Less characters on screen, rework HUD, inventory stacking. Keep up the good work, I want to throw money at you down the line for this.