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This game is really something else!

With backgrounds beautifully drawn in crayons and more layers than a Shrek game Rosa's trip took me by surprise! Despite running into a few technical difficulties (Just run it on firefox)  it was more than worth it for its amazing gameplay and a powerful message that all gamers can resonate with.

This game gets a solid Crayola crayon box/10 and not one of those garbage 24 crayon boxes either. we're talking the straight up 120 crayons. ALL THE COLORS.

All in all Rosa's trip is truly a trip worth taking.

Ok. I put it in the game file with the application but nothing is happening. Still a blank white screen.

Is there a specific file it needs to be in?

...Do I need RPG Maker MV to play this?

Truly a game that kicks of with a bang!

Call of Duty: Modern Bowlfare Simplifies the classic fps experience into a grenade chucking simulator! From annihilating pins to landing tricky shots this game is truly a great experience. And never has it been more satisfying to get a strike!

All in all I give this game a 10/10 for its replay value and explosive fun.

The definition of a masterpiece and the game that started my fascination with the indie genre. 

What is there to say about this? Its an artistic Goliath that dwarfs all games before is and still holds up to this day. One playthrough isn't enough to truly grasp it's genius! As you replay it, as you dig through the Layers of this game you start to see where it truly shines as one of the best games ever made and that probably will be ever made.

I rate this game #1.


And people say SEGA doesn't make good games anymore!

In this gripping sequel to the smash hit 'Sonic Forces' you play as sonic sent back to the past. In this game you have the power to run, jump, and even run! Just remember to set the graphics to a setting your eyes and computer can handle. Otherwise it won't run very well and you'll be blinded by the true perfection that the newest rendition of sonic.

It seems SEGA has finally gotten their shit together long enough to produce a masterpiece worthy of a 8/10. Truly a suggestion worth listening to.

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Truly a creative and fun experience!

This colorful adventure features such innovative gameplay as rubber arms, unending menial errands, a wide variety of foods, and voice acting that puts Keith David to shame!

All in all this masterpiece gets a 11/10 would raid a grocery store again. 

Truly a classic worthy of anyone's collection.

This inspiring innovation in gaming rightfully won the title of Game Of The Year back in 2014 and it really shows. A large assortment of weapons, crisp controls, and shocking and heartbreaking plot twist are just some of the 3 things you can expect from this amazing game!

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Game broke.

All it does is stay as a white screen when I boot it up. I tried re-downloading but that didn't fix it.