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Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy the mechanic is well done!
Indeed those next implementation needs are super important. 

True, I spent some time testing other objects. For the jam it was best to keep it simple but make it solid.

Thanks! It was fun to make it.

Awesome!!! You have found the easter egg needed for this rescue.

Hello, Hyperkvlt.  
Thanks for the feedback and for the question.

By default it works for mouse/pad mostly, but other events but the Controller buttons, and keyboard events can be created as Custom Events. This particular case is very interesting and I'll definitely look into it to spot possible improvements.

It is bind as a UnityEvent, the framework contains the logic (regarding the default events) for invoking them. The OnClick, OnSelect and the other default events are related to the MFObject, not the Unity's UI Button events.

Hope it helps and feel free to get in touch via email with more info if needed.

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Hello, thanks for the feedback!

(I've answered your email too)

Unfortunately, it would have an impact, it would not be buggy, but the frame rate would decrease. The IKSolver2D alone is responsible for around 30% of the process and it keeps that percentage while increasing the cycle time proportionally to the amount of units in scene.

Your question was very pertinent, there is indeed room for improvement and I'll make sure to do a more detailed analysis on this case and look for ways to increase performance when updating the asset.

Haha, thanks again, this misspells kinda show how was the hurry for making something on that Jam ^^.

I'll leave this version for the Jam voting then upload a new extended and corrected one later.

Thank you! Just updated the file to correct this.