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Me chan

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Oooo I'm curious, keep writing on your own pace, and thank you for the bug fixes! You're great! <3


You're doing great! Keep up with the amazing work, thank you! ^^

The art style is so good!

Surprisingly a very thoughtful and endearing story, I've found a while ago, but it's always nice to revisit it.

Would love if that was possible as well, I have the same issue. 😢

Those BGs are so beautiful, this game is definitely gonna be awesome!
We'll wait as long as it takes, don't worry!

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Almost there! Can't wait ^-^

Yes! I've been waiting for this. 😁

The characters have great and engaging personalities and backstories. I really like the personality traits options for our MC in this one. I'm curious about the rest of the plot and our MC's past, for sure. 

Can't wait! 😊

It is so nice having such a customizable feature like that! I loved the demo options, and im sure those new options will be great.

Note: I'm very happy there's options for black skin tones and coily/curly hairstyles :)

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It looks like it has a lot of potential, I'll definitely check it out later!

Also, I really like the UI.

This is so amazing! Very excited to see more!

I like this IF so much I've already played many times, usually I don't do this kind of thing. Cannot wait to see the rest of the mysteries regarding the plot! <3 

Also, the UI is pretty and elegant, love it.

Oh my God, Obey Me is such a good game, but the lack of impact choices have is very frustrating, even though all characters are charismatic! Cannot believe there's an IF about that, so excited! I'll definitely play it!

So nice to see an Author that passionate about their project, I wish you the best! <3

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I finally got time to play it!

I really liked the premise.  Your characters always express unique and captivating personalities during their interactions.  It really gives the impression that you write them carefully.

The MC's customization options are interesting, and our aunt is very funny.  (I liked the option of having a pet too! :) )

 My only concerns are the lack of save files, but you already talked about them in a previous post.  Another small detail: the interface is simple, but if there was an option to increase the font size or a different tab for profile and settings, it would be very useful!

Great project, can't wait to see updates!

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Hello! This project looks extremely promising! I was about to ask for a Tumblr Blog when I noticed the link, after playing ill definitely write my thoughts!

So interesting so far! I'm so curious about what this story will bring. Cannot wait for future updates!

Can't wait!

Wow, that looks great, can't wait!

Fully funded, even the wedding DLC already!!! :D

Great news indeed!!

Oooh, I didn't know that, thanks! This IF has a lot of potential. ^-^

I wanted to know if this IF is still in development?

You deserve it!! <3

Lets goo!! I'm sure that the game's Kickstarter will raise enough money to make it happen.

Ah! This update was excellent, and also very emotional. Great job! Can't wait to hear more.


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Hello, is this on hiatus?

Update: just checked the Author's Tumblr and, for now, she's taking care of her mental health. 

That's what I'm talking about! I'll definitely check it out.

Yaay, a Tumblr blog! I think it's going to be great for public engagement because your IF looks great so far.

Great! I am looking forward to seeing your updates soon, for now, good luck with your other projects. <3

Yay, congrats!!!

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Just stopping by to say that's my favorite DLC for this game. Baxter really surprised me, and the plot was way more emotional and in-depth than I anticipated. That made me choose Baxter as my favorite character for this VN as well. I had fun and was extremely invested in the story. I believe many could even shed some tears during some moments. If you deal with social insecurities and enjoy characters who are more than just their superficial side they decide to show in general, I believe you will enjoy this one, very much so. Very realistic and relatable, the plot and the characters in this portion of this game are great. Cannot wait to see him again in OL:N&F.

Spoilers below.



Even if it will be bittersweet since he left after college, I do headcanon he reunited with his past friends at some point though, alongside the MC. 

When it gets fully released, I know it's going to be one of my favorite VNs, for sure. <3

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The UI is so amazing, Twine Games are becoming more and more unique these days, great job! I already know I'm going to like this! (The amount of choices is also pretty good!)

I made sure I'm following you on Tumblr to know about any updates, cannot wait :D

The art style is very cute, the CGs are very well-made! I also had Balance of Power save files in my game, I'll assume It's still a bug as well. However, so far, I really enjoyed the theme and characters, it looks like a sweet and emotional story.

Cannot wait for future chapter/updates. :)

I'll check it out, thanks!

This one looks interesting and endearing, ill definitely check it out, I like the color palette as well. Is this on hiatus, perhaps?