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Me chan

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Let's goooo! The game's here!!! This is gonna be great.

Cute! I'm looking forward to more updates when you're feeling better! I wish you a fast recovery!

I was looking for that as well, thank you very much!

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Man, Tommy, why???  Out of everything you could have said, you literally chose the worst way of expressing yourself. 🤣

  That ending was like- crazy. I have a very good feeling about this one, I'm predicting I'm gonna laugh so much in this game, as well as have so much fun trying to keep my Zorlok from getting extremely mad at Tommy for erasing her memories without meaning to. 😭😂

 I hope this IF is still being worked at, but take as long as it is necessary, Author, because the level of customization and quality of UI are impressive.

Edit: I read about the delay regarding the updates and the situation with lack of free time, I only hope you're okay and keep taking care of your health! I'll be keeping my eyes on this game waiting patiently for the update when it comes. 😊 

No rush, keep developing the game at your time. Thank you for your great work!

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Wow, that was so interesting and captivating. 

The characters are very layered and the situation the MC's in makes us really engage against all the injustice inflicted by the King. 

Also, seeing the main characters having their own opinions and visions is great. I like the writing and the UI is good. 

Maybe a dark version would be easier on the eyes since I have high eye light sensitivity, although I'll definitely keep my eyes on this IF's next updates as I really like the idea behind it!

Currently, my favorite Arthurian IF WIP, honestly. The characters and their motivations, as well as the available choices are great, can't wait for more content for this impressive story which is so intriguing and good already! 

I don't know if I can say spoilers here, but do check out the game's Tumblr. The author answered some questions about him with the tag #luthais.

I definitely will! Looking forward to the next update! :)

Hey, that was very interesting! 🤔 I'm gonna keep following this one's future updates for sure!

Dude, you're awesome, keep up with the amazing work, we'll be here, waiting and supporting you! :D

Sweet, thanks!

Can't wait to play it!  I'm inclined to check Steam for the achievements. Great work and congratulations on the release!!

I'm very  interested in this one .🤔

Thank you very much!

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Hello! I'm very interested in this IF, could someone tell me if there is a Tumblr Blog or another social media to follow the game's progress? Thanks in advance!

Yes!!! I'll play it immediately. :D

Can't wait!

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Hello, Author! It was very late for me yesterday, so I ended up only checking the save files and loading them, I didn't have a chance to actually start day 5 yet. However, I didn't have any problems so far! My save files appeared normally, and I was able to load them, fortunately. Although, if I encounter any difficulties, I'll definitely mention those on the main page of the game. :)

Yay, so happy! I'll play it immediately! :D (I hope my save files are compatible. :,) )

Thank you very much! It's amazing that you're thinking about adding it, I know it can be a lot when there are chapters to write, thanks again cherry! <3

I really like this IF, such incredible details! Although, is there a way to add a dark version? My eyes are hyper light sensitive and it's a little bit tiring trying to read it for a long period of time! But anyways, thanks for this amazing game. ❤️💜

Yaaay, I enjoy this game's writing and plot so much. 💜  Can't wait to finally have the time to play the second chapter!

You deserve it!!! <3

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Hey, that looks so very interesting already! It seems like it has mystery and nice character relationships dynamic. I'll keep an eye for future updates!

Played on my phone and it worked pretty well, that's good! I'll be looking forward for more. :-D

You're awesome, and I can't wait to play this one!!

That's so great!!!!! :D

This is captivating. The mystery is engaging and the relationship screen with the description of the characters' point of view is a great way to portray it instead of a percentage bar! It makes the story more immersive, and the characters are very different from each other, as well as very charismatic in their own ways.

Such a fascinating plot, and the OSTs make the scenes even more immersive. (And that's coming from me, who don't usually like sounds during my reading, but in this case, the melodies were a perfect match with the environment.)

I'll definitely keep an eye in this story, and I'm waiting for the third chapter. :)

You've made a lot of progress, it inspires me to keep it up with my plans for the year, as well. Congratulations! You totally deserve it! :D

:3 I'm excited to see the new content and hearing the voice acting! I hope you get even more followers! Good luck with the rest of the development!

Update: It's great, better than I anticipated. The characters are charismatic, and the plot is intriguing, the mystery behind it is great. One of the cutest and good-vibes inducing VN I've played recently, haha!

Got me with lore-rich  and choice driven. I'm very curious about the Irish myths and culture as well. Excited for the demo!

Take care!!! Well be waiting, and thank you for your game, Dino!

I'm looking forward to the new updates!!

Oh, that looks so cute! I'm on my way to play it right now!