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I get a 404 at your link I'm afraid

You cannot "Play" this project, you can visit it at

Well you fooled me :) thanks!

I hope you've found something else to scratch the itch :)

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Lola Wall became a Policewoman at 7 but then also a Criminal at 18 :( a tragedy!

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Ah here's a fun way to interact with it, scroll to the bottom, find a 1-year-old and select them, then advance the game 1 year at a time. Tooltips on the emoji would be brilliant if that's possible with the technology you're using. Do new people have parents?

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This is a very cool simulation, I like your concepts model at

Wow, this is so strange! I love it

Awesome - which of the features are procedural?

Do I sense a trolling

Hmm, this is a PDF, does it use procedural generation?

Very nice :) I don't know if every galaxy generates identically but is in some trouble

This is fascinating! And the first thing it generated was actually quite pleasant to listen to. Are these symbols subatomic particles, then?

Oh wait there's a link to your github readme in the generator itself!

How does it work? I found a very large and dense JavaScript that mentions TensorFlow so I guess you have trained a Machine Learning system on Poe's work?

Oh! I’m going to have to try again!

Do you get the feeling this might be an unwinnable piece of social commentary?

Good thing this kind of foolishness would never happen with real public services.

Your structure seems to be







--Insult (sometimes)



Interesting, thanks!

For me it came from, not sure whether it'll move around over time or not

Hoorah! Thank you!

Fair enough, thanks

OK it only took 2 clicks and a .nojekyll haha, the generator is now at

You can download it here - at some point I should set it up as a GitHub Page (but when I wrote it I didn't know GitHub Pages existed)

Impressively plausible results!

Very nice, I like it!

I made a data only star system generator... is this written in JavaScript? Maybe I could merge them! (If your code is open source)

Have you got scrollbars turned on in the settings? I’m having trouble reading the whole story on my iPhone. Great job though! My story is about Trump ^_^

This generator is a website - you can see it live at