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Very Nice! One of your best once!

Very nicely done! Great Graphics. Great Game Play. Nice mechanics. Well Done!

Thanks Guys for your comments.

As usual I took on too many things for the time I had. 

I'm definitely going to add more stuff like what you see / do in the basketball part :D

Nice execution.

Could use some work on the progression on the level. Too hard, too fast. Too large boulder, too narrow area. Gradually make it harder.

Digged the spinning

Nice Art Style.

The (start) level selection could be spawned automatically after 10 seconds or so.

At first I found the character a bit dark, but I digged the eyes. After playing a while I loved the character. Great feel of character development. Well Done!

Great recharged mechanism.

Very Nice Game. 

Not my type of game, but very good executed.

I love the idea of chosing your controls and that you showed the selection to be used inside the game.

Funny Game.

Too hard for m.e. 

Very Nice. Too bad it isn't browser playable.

Well executed; great graphics + feel of the game.

Cool introduction level. 

HTML5 publication would be better.

No idea what to do. Selected easy and got to the top. (Could only move up/down)

Read the instruction and X and Z are not doing anything.

Tried again and now I'm not going past the first screen.

Why so much story about the game and names? 

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Very Nice.

I'm too bad at these kinds of games so I always fall down the first pit you enter.

Nice Graphics and controls.

Edit: downloaded Linux version : libc error. Mac version ran. Better is an embeded game, but I understand that this kind of game might be having issues with HTML5

Good effects. Not my cup of tea, but well executed.

You really should make something to be embeded instead of unzipping or downloading.

I was not able to play it once it was downloaded as well.

Good graphics and visual execution. I'm a wrong that you can't influence the bounce? That would be cool addition (to increase or decrease slowmotion)

Ideal to make into multiplayer :D

Nice Game.

I wish it was more foregiving.

I love the way that you can switch colors.

Could use some visual information if you are on track for the 'soul'.

Nice scrolling effect.

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Thanks for commenting LittleGames.

Edit: I wish there was more as well :D

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Thanks Jeffrey for commenting.

It is a bug by bad design. There is nothing more so you will keep shooting baskets and eat eggs.

The whirlwind is the cursor. On mobile you don't have an arrow but I of course could make an arrow, but that will overlap the whirlwind. Or I could make a cursor below the whirlwind ...

And if your point is that the objects aren't exactly being pushed where you 'aim', that is designed as well : eratic control. It is in the nature of the whirlwind to whirl stuff :D

Edit: On my drive to work I thought about your comments. Maybe I should adjust the eratic control and keep an easier control and adjust the difficulty what you need to do with the objects.

Thanks for the feedback mate!