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lol i struggled a bit at first but eventually beat the game ... i really like how it creates a lot of stress when trying to manage your inventory

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I finally got to play this and i truly had a blast ... love how the truck works. The jump scares are a nice touch too ... good work man! 

Jordi This is the Best compliment anyone has given me in a long time ... thank you soo much man ... I cant wait to play more of your games in future... You a Legend in the making man!

10/10 man love the characters, love the music and i love how you created this terrifying atmosphere that kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time... great work Jordi!

what an amazing concept ... with a bit more time in the oven, this game will be amazing!

What a masterpiece ... Absolutely loved this game

What an amazing game ... I'm just sad i finished it :(

Having so much fun with this one... love the interesting NPC's

what an entertaining and funny experience... loved it.

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 had a blast playing this ... but right at the end was it supposed to be that easy? or did i do something wrong?

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Awesome game lots of tension was building up there towards the end it was crazy !

Pretty funny and interesting ... could use a few more jump scares but i had a lot of fun!

Loved it an amazing game with great music and gets the blood pumping. 

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Got all 3 endings... BUT I THINK I BROKE HIM (think it was a glitch) LMAO ... I still had a blast playing this game amazing work man!

i loved the puzzles ... really got me thinking and the game is very mysterious and interesting ... well done!

so awesome!

awesome game

Got Jump scared by a BALL! how is that even possible lmao!

loved it!

This is how you properly Dip on these monsters lmao ... yooo this was a crazy experience!


What is that?

I got out-trolled!

lol sorry about ignoring the non-disclosure agreement :D, but on a serious note the game was awesome and thank you for watching the video no one really watches my content so thank you!

I tried to troll the test but i got out trolled lol Yooo! i loved your game man.

OMG I cant believe he did this!

OHH my Goshh ... did he just..

He Broke into the wrong guys home today!!

why did my boii Tommy Run up on me like that lmao.

Had so much fun making this ... awesome game!

sure ill buy the House! 

hope you enjoy

hope you enjoy

very funny and super fun to play.

Really cool game loved it!

Just sends chills down my spine!!

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really cool game but i think i broke one of the enemies LMAO,

OMG this is a scary game for real. good job on making this !

hi ... no no it was great you see i just started YouTube ... i have no audience or actual subs yet ... i really had fun testing out all the mechanics, what an amazing game... Great work really!!