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ok cool just chekning

very lik dwarf fortress...


thanks for the review!!!

With the performance issues it was probably because of the footsteps actually. I realised afterwards that the footsteps just fade out and don't get deleted, so they just build up. And up. I also was told by a friend that the controlles  weren't clear enough so I added them on the itch page. Thanks!


thanks!! Game jams are the best way to figure out scope and getting you to finish on time with a polished product, and I've learnt a lot from doing them. Thx!!

Thx!! Means a lot to me that you thought that it was fun. I found out about the glitch with the being able to feed them spirits multiple times when I was polishing the game and promptly forgot to fix it, sorry. The loud noise confused me as well because it only occured after I had uploaded the game.. didn't have time to re-upload. Thanks again!!

yes im bad. learn from my mistake!!


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im confused. sorry but im just trying to help. i dont understand anything your saying

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you make no sense whatsoever. they are not my rules. they are the game jams rules. if you enter your game that was previously made it will be taken down, as it said right at the top of the page: ~~* Note: This is a screened jam. If you break the rules your game will be disqualified and REMOVED from the Jam! *~~. you asked for an answer and you got one.

i am not commenting on the game itself but the game jam does not accept games made before the start date. LOOK AT THE RULES. they are not my rules they are the game jams rules.

look at rule 7: 

Your game must be developed solely for this jam and started development AFTER the jam's start date

thank you!




yeh i know.. but in difficulties 2 and 3 its harder but they got bugged. i wil fix ASAP

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ummm... its very laggy.... and im playing it on a beast computer so it need optimization but is it a fun game so good job

ok thanks :)

can we create our own art prior to the jam? and does that count us out for a criteria?