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Great little teaser! Added to my wish list this has a lot of potential and I really hope a full release is in the near future.

Super solid game, I can see the inspiration from Late Night Mop. 

You really know how to reel players in and deliver a heart attack. Great game. 10/10 need new pants. 

Such a simple well made game. Short but terrifying at times well done!

Awesome game, It played super smooth with no hiccups. Great job!

Really well done. Got me good though, did not expect it to come in hot like that.

Awesome game. Great scares and the graphics are amazing well done. Dolls and horror though just straight nope.

Awesome game, great jumpscares and graphics super job. Shaved a few years off my life.

Really awesome game. Got me good so many times and felt like a polished studio game well done. 

Really good game I enjoyed playing it.

I'd recommend another save point after falling into the body dump room as I fell into the goop rising it took me way back to the torch. Other than that really good job!

Awesome game so far for a demo! Thanks for reaching out and can't wait to see what else awaits us in the future.

Such a great game. Atmosphere, Sound design and visuals really pull it all together for one hell of an experience.

If the Ring movie franchise was a game... This is it! Awesome game, shaved some years off my life.

Such a good game, the atmosphere was intense and the scares unearthly. Good Job Dev!

Great looking game and delivered on the 00.01% well played dev.

My pleasure, keep doing what your doing.

Such a freakin awesome game. Consider me shooketh. We need more Lixian, PLEASE!!!

Solid short horror game!

No problem, Thankyou for the awesome game. Keep doing what your doing.

Such a damn good game. Enjoyed every second of the story and the jump scares got me good. I named the antagonist Jim to be less scary...Didn't work.

The amount of things that can be done in this game is really something. Fantastic game and can't wait for The Black Cat.

Great Game, Great Scare, 10/10 want the full game.