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add player collision to the ball 馃槶

made it to level 45 game gets reallllllllllllllly lagging for me otherwise great game

shows me a white screen 馃檭

Highest Score is 24,000

Understandable, i'll play the new update and give my thoughts.

I sub to your channel didn't think that it wouldv'e been on itch

Can you add spectate mode it seems like it will be fun seeing the ai fight

The lag is real I think it's the battleship and all the bullets flying around otherwise it's great

THanks for the reply, I can see how that would be a challenge to code and fix hope you best of luck

psst add ship and planes (bombers not fighters mosty bombers)

add the abilty to build
you shouldv'e know someone was going to ask and on that note build space stations to

thanks will try them out

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this was my second try this time as green becuase blue sucks

i know two fo the four people who made this

it's somewhat old like it tho


Was like 20 min for me

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It's a Very fun game spent around 3 days in combined hours playing my record is 400 turns since that is too high for what seems to be average of 300 turns i'll update later

PS: Make it downloadable pls

how do i start the game

I broke the game, the dupe glitch is now stuck in my inventory will download obs to show if it's still works after

I think I found another dupe glitch, for now only works for coal

Tell me pls

By BaronVonGames

is there any for the new update?

Where is the download link (no need to reply)

True it's kinda small for how good looking it is

looks great but 845MB is

Try this one

1. you can still use slowmo when out of fuel

2. did anyone take off while on the ground ?


game was old didn't think you would reply.


rrly that i have to try out

i like it

Add more stuff pls

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is this a biased game every time i play blue always wins

on a 2v2


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found what went wrong 

buuut i need a more powerful gpu f it imma still follow and like

I right clicked it *try* to get the run thing to pop up can't find it imma make new vid if im just dum

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Ok! Run on windows Going to post a link to my problem can't get it to run

you might think my problem is dumb but i have technical problem