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Thank you!

Thank you for these great looking models!

Could you provide the source .blend files if you still have them?

No still the same. Launch script expect ags32 and ags64 but there is only Clarinette.ags in data folder. And both libs folder are empty, as is the licences one.

I get:

./Clarinette: 12: ./Clarinette: /tmp/Clarinette (Linux)/data/ags64: not found

Also there are 3 empty folders in the zip, is that on purpose?

Loved it!

Please add the .love file for direct download for GNU/Linux users.

Really nice game, if it was under a free license I would package it for ArchLinux.

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This game is great !

I gotta try it with another human player and with gamepads.

[EDIT] Doesn’t work with a Logitech F710 sadly :-/

You should consider making it Open Source (FLOSS actually).