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Help I want to get off Mr.WaterMelons Wild Ride Help I can't quit ashfkljasbdvufjkiszewb rgfujygfekuzsixjv bfgekuezixsjygftvb zkuiye

10/10000000000 (bad (HELP MEEEEE))

Edit: I completed it!!!

Review changed: 10/5 (amazing)

Edit2: I still hate it....

Review changed: 0/0

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How do I beat this game?

How do I Call Bob please how?

Played this for a bit (with no friends as I have no friends) and all I can say is that this game controls well, plays well, and the only problems I have with this good game are this: could have sound effects, and could have a background instead of the black void (but it's all up to you on what you want to do with your game) but besides that it's a good game!!!

(could totally see this being played in a twitch stream where you have the streamer controlling one, and then chat controlling the other)

Good game just a couple things that could be added to make this already good game better: A win and lose feature where when you win or lose the board it resets it so you can play infinitely without having to close and re-open, More numbers (unless you want to keep the game more simple), and that's honestly it, still a very great game!!!

please update game I want more boss, I  want more ball, I want more, please update the game please. P L E A S E (please update this great game)

Please add singleplayer monkey mode please I want to have 7 avatars trying to kill the bloon that now have 5 Quiquabrillion health (not a real number (a real number)) please I want to learn how to monkey


Me too, me too..

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Hmmmm "Maybe if i let it run for a while?..." something seems off with that message, I'll let it run for a while, I might keep you updated. -Me aka Banana Tom. Update1: There is eyes in the celings, the bricks have faces, and the ground is funky, also the rats are green. Update2: nothing else has changed.

Good game would recommend if you are bored and want to protect a pineapple.