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Tim here, I assume most of the people going to the jam already know me but just in case you don't, I am Tim or McJones.

I'm the weird looking guy who looks sorta like someone hosed down a hobo, often found hanging around with the Secret Lab guys I am currently a utas PhD student and quite close to being finished. I also write iOS apps and co-write tech books with some friends, including a book on Kerbal Space Program which you should all play if you haven't.

In my copious free time I make little games that I generally don't allow people to see because I hate my own work, play lot's of games, play lot's of boardgames, and argue with people about any topic they care to argue on.

Kudos to Jason and Ducky (and anyone else involved) with getting this thing up and running, we need more games events in Tassie.