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I'm terribly sorry to report some issues with the game
First, inability to change controls is a deadly sin here, my el cheapo keyboard gets specific keys locked with certain diagonal + fire keypresses combinations.  
Secondly, two or three times final boss refused to appear. It was always when I had near-perfect runs, getting hit only on the last stage. At the near-end of the last stage, I've been seeing green fighter flashing blazing fast thru the entire screen for a few frames. Then, warning message simply didn't appear, aand I could notfinish the game, just fly infinitely.  
Obviously, bug got itself fixed when I tried to record it with OBS :/  
Third issue... or is it an issue, or design? Plasma gun is the most powerful weapon, being able to sent upward and downward shots as quickly as I can rapid-shmash back and front fire one after another.   
And, finally, a question. any extra levels, hidden features if I 1CC the game or beat with all pick-ups collected?
and, finally, does not work. Of course I had to check that out first.