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Hi! I keep getting crashed when passing by the Snowball Fight scene, is it a me issue or is something up with it?

RIGHT? they de-scrunkly'd

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I ran into this issue at the Seasons scene, is there a way to avoid it? I was quickly skipping to get back to where I was due to being unable to load my Rune file. (Edit: I've tried again, and it seems to be unavoidable even if I click slowly) (and don't mind my other comment above oops i think this one failed to load)

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

Exception: Possible infinite loop.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/", line 275, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/", line 670, in main


  File "renpy/", line 144, in run


  File "renpy/", line 942, in run_context

  File "day1_12_meetings5.rpyc", line 9, in script

  File "day1_12_meetings5.rpyc", line 9, in script

  File "renpy/", line 61, in check_infinite_loop

    raise Exception("Possible infinite loop.")

Exception: Possible infinite loop.

Windows-10-10.0.22621 AMD64


Dawn Chorus 0.35.4

Fri Mar  1 21:10:11 2024

ouhhh the gatekeeping... hun im waiting for itt!!

explodes and dies from peak 

Hi! I wanted to say that your project is AMAZING, but recently when I try to find The Figure during the sniping scene with Thistle, it seems like the entire game starts lagging and dropping in frames (???) for some reason. No idea if it's a Device problem, but iff this could be fixed somehow, it'd be much appreciated if I'm told!

and.. i could really use some help with finding the new figures.. hehe..


ill wait til the clock hits 9:22 dw

The game freezes after I get him the Blue Ball and when I go back, I cant see the unlocked scenes :(

Hurray!! Congrats!!

thanks! will join the disco later

niooope, he already addresses himself by that name and nothing is in the window. I tried to remove everything else i had on the altar too but it never worked, on both my normal route and selye route saves.

I offered the Labrador Tea for the altar, and did Witer's prays, yet nothing happens? 

not if you download the new one before deleting the old one, thats usually what i do and it works i think

"my bad English" ???? that was 1 whole essay

I Was Locked In A Room. A Rubber Room. A Rubber Room With Rats. And Rats Make Me Crazy.

I was crazy once.

Hey! I wanna report that, during the stitching scene, there's a moment where the dialogue uses "Loken" instead of "???" for a few lines of speech. It's before Alex decides that maybe he should stfu btw.



oh so close yet so far. waiting feels like forever.. TIME PLEASE FLOW FASTER

does the game not have an ending? just defense, buy items, go to sleep and repeat?

some chars doesnt have sprites

hi how do i find gunnar and talk to him. i need to raise his likes but i forgot how

i love how the whole coment section is just screaming in union.
anyways YAHHHHHH

YIPPEE *explodes in gay*


i feel old waiting. but YIPPEE

oh we gon be feasting

help, is there something im supposed to do here to get a scene with rhot and xer?


interact with cats and the many items in the room to manipulate a cat into opening the door

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Help! Am I not supposed to turn on the tap? I'm stuck at letting Geoffrey play with the mouse!

edit: nvm i got it immediatly after asking lolol

oh theres no nsfw cg lol

what difference does it make if i played the Full Moon or not?

Hey guys.. I've stopped keeping up since 0.35, should I try to continue or should I restart my progress? So many new things are here, I don't think I can keep up!

ohhhh that might be the case. thanks !

Hey! so, uh... kinda weird thing.. but.. 
my routes keep jumping into each other? somehow?
like i swear, i chose the options to Tom's route (right, no switch), but then a while later out of nowhere David pops up, (forcedly) returns the wallet and Maccon appears, talks about the panic attack that I didn't have (on this playthrough) and then I'm on Maccon's route instead?!?! Is this dark magic??

yall back at it again with uploading upds the exact moment i harden my mentality to try and finish a project ;v;

all hail the holy gary for returning them nippies 🙏

Tom, Rask, Maccom and John all have routes. Try every direction and seats you can take during the beginning section!