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the only real question, the true mystery, the final Truth

keepit up!

what  a neat surprise!

ok, maybe not....

Amazing game for 48 hours! Waiting for the day it becomes full!

ohhhhh you are a savior!

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How do I access all 11 routes of this event?

woah no way this game has grown up asriel dreemurr gotta play it /j

Let's go!!! New Dawn Chorus upda-

wait. what do you mean there are 2 paths.

Thank you!!

I got a full combo on the stage, but after the song finishes, the animation resets then it's stuck in that screen.

trying to press continue will reset the song but no note appears

xd perhaps when the game is finished, we can get a full guide to know what each choice do ^^

i got his dream once when im trying his route actually, it's

ben giving him head, idk how i got it tho

can someone tell me what the plot in the latest chapter is about because i read it twice and still can't figure out what is going on (my fault for being dumb)

just choose a lot of options that goes on his side i think

...but somehow i can change the save page name instead

*Notes Of Heart

finally give the poor thing some sleep

explodes and dies screams

time to ignore sleep 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN UR SAD??? COME HERE!!! *sends virtual hugs* ò ^ ó


there are one more you can get by

not kissing luke.

he asks for the good ending not the way to enter the route

download the new thing, launch the new thing, delete the old file

dont smoke or drink


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one more day ,, just one more..

i NEED bear p,p,,

thank you! i will probably get it once im not broke anymore.

h o r n y

we do the funny experimenting

huh?? he looks hotter??? pls lemme date the serial killer i want him

Where do I get the bonus content pdf?

yup but maybe mark that and your other reply as a spoiler by putting it down lower

like this

we love fluff

they committed murder for different reasons. do you call a security guard who shoots a bank robber a "murderer"?

omg im coming for the natussy 

somehow, i reached 100 cor and didn't get a game over? last time i remember, getting there immediately ends the game?

Does anyone have a guide for the two main endings on each route?

science can't explain man

1 word


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woman don't exist! they are just being silly /j