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Don't see how this can be a problem. OK, thanks for the reply :)

If you want to work on a 2D project, you can team up with me and bebae. We'll be using a Lua framework called Löve2D. Add me on discord Antoan#7983 if you are interested.

Discord's ok - Antoan#7983

You, sir, are awesome. Cheers!

Not saying 'no' to any kind of help :) What's your experience with Lua?

Thanks, good luck to you too! Well, love games are 'open source' whether you like it or not :D

Would be awesome to have, yeah :)

Hey guys!

Awesome idea to hold a game jam, looking forward to see the games that are going to be made for it. That being said, I'm looking to team up with a 2D artist/animator for the jam. Preferably someone from Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz or close by (who speaks good English :D ) so we can get together a few times. Not really experienced with Unity, nor Unreal, my main development engine is Löve2D, but I can safely say that this engine is perfect for 2D games of all kinds.

So if you are looking for a programmer buddy and you have a storm of ideas in your head like I do, join me to make an awesome game :)