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Oh man, this is fun. The Shining in space! Very sandbox-y. The Station Ambiance table is awesome as the station starts coming back to life around the players, and the "Fade Out" mechanic is a very visceral way to show PCs succumbing to the hauntings.

Hey CAV_SCOUT! No worries, these aren't dumb questions at all! Without context, I can see this being a very confusing thing to stumble across.

This is an adventure for a sci-fi horror tabletop game called Mothership from Tuesday Knight Games. The rulebook is pay what you want. The game itself is very rules-lite, so there's not a lot of things that Wardens/GMs or players need to remember. It's extremely easy to learn even if a person has no experience playing or running tabletop games. You can play it in person, through a voice client, text/chat app, or through a virtual tabletop website like Roll20.

The idea with these types of modules is that you use them in conjunction with the Mothership core rules in order to give your players an adventure to try to survive or a world to explore.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask - I'm happy to answer anything! Alternatively, you can join our Discord community and chat with other players and Wardens/GMs. We're a growing community and we'd love to have you if you're interested!

Fantastic work! This is amazing stuff.

That's awesome! Share away!

Excellent! Perfect solution for my virtual table, much obliged. Extremely easy to use, and the dropdowns/loadouts are a wonderful bonus.

Hey! Sorry about that, but thanks for looking me up on Discord! We'll get this sorted out ASAP in PMs.

Hi Tauther. Can you PM me your mailing address? Let me verify costs, but I think we can probably work something out.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

Thanks kindly! Hope you enjoy it 

I let this sit for too long without reviewing it. This was the first Mothership campaign I ever ran. The layout is so easy to use, everything you need for the day is on that page. I set a 14-15 minute timer for each "day" and let the timeline play out, making minor adjustments as my players interacted with the Graveyard and crew. Great times and great memories.

Wonderful content. Laid out like a zine, and reads like an in-universe zine published by independent spacers and colonists. It was a blast to read as both a supplement and as lore to add to your campaign.

Amazing layout and excellent content inside the pamphlet - a psychedelic fever dream and Trojan horse video game. Very unique adventure! 

Glad you like it! Hope it plays well for you.