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Need a mod here. The vengeful trolls are back at it again. 

Seems the latest renpy games does the " pickle protocol" error with all extractors.

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I thought I saw a smudge of pink frosting on the oven at the left...

Out of all the visual novels out there this is still my personal favorite. Guter junge!

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I feel as if my eyes went cross from reading that, lol. 

linux port crashing on launch.  terminal error:

"X Error of failed request:  BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)

  Major opcode of failed request:  18 (X_ChangeProperty)

  Serial number of failed request:  236

  Current serial number in output stream:  236"

Hello again everyone :) I almost forgot to play the latest build until I noticed someone posting articles against the games creator on multiple sites with doctored pictures and general misinformation so once again I took a look at the latest build myself. It was well written, substantial and even made me a bit emotional. Again don't take my word for it. Play it yourself. It's worth it. Keep up the great work.:)

When all contact links are redirected to a patreon page demanding money people get discouraged. If you really want this project to succeed then you might want to work on your sales pitch.

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Downloaded the PC version. Doesn't seem compiled. cant run it.

Nevermind. It was an error from my archive extractor. fixed it.

Linux Port Works Great! Thank you.

So far so good. Looking forward to more :)

will there be a linux port?

Even though I am a furry I find this hilarious.

Those who donated money over patreon did so on there own accord. they did not purchase a product. The behind the scene access and previews are mere incentives and nothing more. None of us are entitled to anything from the author. He is not a development team. No public relations. No h.r. department. So cut him some slack. Best wishes to those who have remained amicable in these discussions.  Might check back here some day when I have some spare time.

Strange how some here are stating kael and his fans are to blame and need to reevaluate themselves  to justify the corrosion of this comment section. For those who cant see how "demanding" that kael give an update is wrong here is some food for thought. Imaging a temperamental toddler squeeling at her dad because he is too busy to get her a new toy at his expense. 

At this point your solution may be best. If some want to prattle so bad then I'm sure 4chan will accept them.

This comment section is becoming a huge mess and seems to be getting close to harassment levels . I highly advise to the author to implement a "community moderator" that he knows personally. Check the community rules for more info.

Considering how some past comments were simply vindictive on this site I understand that some distance should be made. Besides he has a life and this is just a little side project that he is sharing for free. If a little patience is to much to ask then maybe some people need to find a hobby? There are more things in this world than visual novels.

If the The Vn required money and had been purchased then I might understand these complaints but its just a  demo that the author was kind enough to share for free. Considering the authors situation people should try to be patient at the very least if they're not going to be supportive. 

Interesting. I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and wished I had played it sooner but due to some negative and nasty comments I hesitated. I personally did not  notice most complaints if any in the game but I suggest anyone interested to play it and decide for themselves.