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We pushed it to this weekend! Thank you so much!

Hey! I'm running this for some friends over the weekend. We're all really excited. The screenshots of the character sheets on this page aren't in the PDF. Do you have other files somewhere?

love your design on this. 

This is a joyous addition. 

I'm excited to read this!

I love the update you've done! It's beautiful. 

Sure! how do I DM on this thing?

I put this together. Feel free to use it however you'd like.

I’m very excited about by game. 

excellent! I've been slowly learning how to use Sheets.

Ah, some of the character info switches, and some don't. I was putting this together quickly and stopped with this data validation part. sorry. I'll try and remedy that at some point. 

I wish I could. I started on the train, as one player wanted to do. I asked one of them something along the lines of "as you walk to the back of the train which teacher do you go out of the way to avoid, and why?' this had that player talk about their potions professor whose class they failed. they hide from them, no big deal. 

I introduced some house-elves acting sneaky and up to something. they were working for, yup, that potions professor from earlier. 

none of it was planned and I've forgotten most of it.

Maybe dig around for some Potter fan-fiction?

I know this isn't what you asked: but I hope this helps. I ran this with 4 Potter experts, I am not. Here's what I did. 

The beauty of PbtA games is the agency it gives the players. Before you start, ask each one of them what three things they'd like to see in the game from the HP world. Start on the train to school and just have them encounter one of those things. They will take the story from there. You'll be there to pepper in the other wishes & help guide their mess of ideas. :)

cool! I look forward to it. 

I also put this together for our game. feel free to use it however you feel.

Hey Firestormink! I'm playing this game tonight with some friends. I was just listening to your AP on the party of one podcast.  Great stuff.
Where can I find that clue generator you were using?


How have people set up their Google Docs for online play? Any template ideas?

She played a Babe (the movie) type "hearding dog" pig. They very much became the leader of the group. The theme was great. 

I wish I had watched a few more movies before to get some more ideas for problems and challenges. 

I recorded our 1st session if you're interested in seeing it (i'll need to ask my players if thats cool first )

Hey, I just finished running a three session game of this (1.5 hour each) with 4 friends. we had two dogs, one cat, & a pig. it was outstanding. thanks. 

I hacked some of the names of the moves. we also didn't get into the wild or domestic conditions. my players are new to RPGs and this was a great 1st set for them.