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That was brief but intense, my heart stopped for a moment

I felt the same! is because the voice sounds so ASMR style or something I think...

waaao haahahah I admire you

Oh Pommy little monster! BAD DOG!

How the hell anyone could sleep in a room with this big windows and this door in front

Good experience! thanks

but very good game as well

I give up because I can't find the way to continue, sorry I'm clumsy xD

Very good demo, a terrorific experience also the sounds are amazing!!

That was crazy ahahahahah 

Very good, I enjoyed even in my computer where doesn't run well, congrats for your first and great game, I didn't expect that ending but I have to say that I was very happy because I was getting stressed with the situation and I had my heart in my mouth hahaha >.<

I'm fine, don't worry I only wanted to say that this game made me feel anxious, I really think that you made a great job , thanks :)

I really like the game, I'm feeling like a stalker xD 

I absolutely love the song

I was scared in the very first moment...hahaha

I feel like an emptiness in my chest and so anxious too

That was creepy...I really love the music!

This is so STRANGE hahahah and when I saw my name even more!

It was good but short! I hope you do a long version, thanks a lot!

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The game is fantastic, I love how deep the voice is, I really enjoyed this experience

Good, It tooks me 2 hours to solve the puzzle but with a lot of luck I finally solved it 

Shed the inanimate, what does it means? 

Really interesting the game, thanks, but makes me feel a little insecure walking in those dark streets.