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it was a very creepy game and it was fun to play I had a fun time playing it but whats in the dining room cuz you need to make the 2nd part of this like you're a 2nd investigator breaking into the building after the 1st guy was killed and I uploaded it on my YT

I like this game I love the art style and story behind all parts of this game I had a lot of fun but I had to mute the end cuz of a song but its still a really great game 

I love this short game I like how you put puzzles on Horror and that spider wow that made me jump a little and i also recorded it and uploaded it on my YT 

at a certan point of 4d the orb will apear

when you load the demo it just stayes at the unitys game startu

if you get the point thing up enough it becomes $0


well i cant download anything it just downloads as a .exe as a error file

the browser part doesn't start on chrome os

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GG my time is 18:25

I use crome OS and it stoped responding 12 times

i love the game the hit box on the stew can get some work i love the 8 bit look 13/10

i have a problom i am on Crome OS and it wont show the game and i can hear but its just a black screen you can see the tab is makeing sound but its not showing up