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Wait is the one fight the only thing to do in the game?

Awesome game, only issue I've run into is going to sleep for the last day and getting stuck in an infinite loop. Also any chance you could add a sleep to the last day option so you don't have to repeatedly sleep if you run out of items?

I'm intrigued by this game, but for some reason all of the buttons on the boxes such as the email list are not where they should be, I have to move my mouse way off to the left to actually hit the exit button. Any idea on how to fix this?

Interesting game, although most of the mechanics are kind of pointless when all you really need to do is go to like 4 or 5 towns to recruit all the town folks and then sacrifice them to get enough power to create a portal

Fun little game, although I found it weird that there was like a half implemented fall damage thing where the character would bleed if they fell from too high up, but nothing else happened

Fun little game, kind of disappointed when the population stopped growing though

Is this any chance inspired by gravity falls?

Really cool game. Too bad I couldn't fully experience it though, had to run it on the lowest settings and was only getting around 30 fps lol

Love these types of games. This one looks promising, although I haven't played much of it due to random systems being incredibly laggy and I am unsure of what is causing this. 

Nice little game, the endings are a bit anti climactic though

Might be good to include a tutorial or something. I have no clue what anything is in this game and the control instructions didn't help much

Interesting idea for a map, although most of the gameplay was just following very specific instructions. I did encounter one game breaking issue, that would not allow me to progress. When I was going to land back on earth the pod had already deployed without me even hitting the button outside the ship