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The Linux build now runs in ~5 fps. Performance was good (~60 fps) before this update.  Nevermind. I rebooted my computer and now the game works fine. Thanks for the support.

Thanks for the Linux version! Here's a bug I found: if I turn on the "invert mouse y" instead of the view getting inverted I become unable to look up and down.

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The Linux build doesn't render for me. I launch the game, I see the "Headphones Recommended" message, but then the screen stays like that. The sound keeps playing, if I use WASD I can hear myself walking, etc. but there's no image. I am on Arch 64bit.

Meanwhile, the windows version runs fine through wine except for not getting a mouse cursor in the pause menu.

No sound is playing in the Linux build, also the "haunted ps1" intro video at the start doesn't play, instead only showing a black screen.

The Linux version doesn't work. Getting this error when launching: 

cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

You are right about the downloadable version of the game, however I was able to run the web browser version on Windows 7.

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Windows 10 more so than 7(but Windows in general) shouldn't be used on the internet if you care about your privacy. Anyway, you don't have to be connected to the internet to run this game so it's a shame to not have it working on 7 regardless.

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I was able to run the demo of this game from a while back without issues, however this does not run on Windows 7, and when I run it on Linux through wine/proton the sound is missing, on both the Itch and Steam version. Any chance for a linux sound issue fix/non-windows 10 version? 

UPDATE: After hours of trial and error I finally managed to get the game to run on Windows 7, no sound issues. What I did was I downloaded dxvk ( and copied all the dll files from inside the x64 folder to "<game installation folder >/Ouroboros/Binaries/Win64". I hope this information is useful to others in my situation.

UPDATE 2: I managed to also get sound working on linux by running winecfg for the prefix I run the game in and changing the windows version from 10 to 8.1.