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I cannot download the tool. When I select the download button I get a popup with an install dropdown and a location drop down. When I click on the install drop down its empty and if I hit install I get errors. Any Ideas?

Hello, sorry if this has already been covered somewhere. When I start a dialogue the box will appear at the bottom of the screen when there are no choices and not much dialogue. If the dialogue is long or if there are choices then the box jumps to the middle of the screen. So it seems when the box grows in size vertically then the position changes. Can you point me in the right direction as to how to fix the positioning issues I am having? Thank you. 

Wow, this is awesome. This is very close to what I am working on as far as the aesthetic goes. I was starting to have my doubts about how the finished product would look and if it would cause eyestrain but you have definitely inspired me to keep going. I LOVE the way the game looks and plays. Keep it up!! FYI my game will be isometric, but it will have strategic combat kind of like Xcom or Wasteland 2. I never thought about real time combat, but it seems to work very well with this style.