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It's been a week since I discovered the world of RpgMaker I still have trouble understanding all these features ^^

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Hi the original project works correctly except when we wait for the plant to grow it does not work you have to go through the bed to see the change in the state of the plants

Regarding integration in the new VisuStella project I unfortunately cannot

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Hi, I'm a beginner in rpg maker, I didn't understand what you told me lol

I changed the plugin's parameters it's id map which blocks the use of the hoe, I also changed id map in the database event (Till Ground) and in the map event I changed also id map in event (GROUND - TILLED). now it's watering plants that bug (Watering Can) water all the plants with a single click lol, after a night of resting the plants do not grow

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Hello I would need your help please, I can't integrate your script into the VisuStella MZ Sample Game Project!(,

everything works well except agriculture