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No, it's still under development.

Hi SubChrist,

Is it possible with 3.19 to define different areas in the same map? I mean to  display different BG, MC0, MC1 colours in the map.

Totally awesome game. I am looking forward finding my first artifact (currently in the second galaxy).

I was embarrased by the Zzap review. This game is fascinating, the 3D engine is the best in years (ever?), and I really love the "depth" of the concept. I wish there would be more releases like this, exploring tricky genres for the C64.


In my case it's the other way around, I want you set a raster split in an specific row in the map, so I have to calculate the IRQ raster line manually :)

I see your point.  That's why I was suggesting something pretty basic, nothing fancy. Just enabling some splits (maybe up to 4?) in specific rows in the map. That would be great.

Excellent tool! 

In order to "simulate" color splits, could it be possible to display different Bg #1, Mc #1 and Mc#2 in the same map?. It doesn't affect generated data, only visualization.

For example if they can be set "per tile" and whenever any of these common colours are updated in a tile, the whole row is re-displayed with those values. 

Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately not. This is a cartridge-only game, as it requires continuous multi-loading.

We have managed to activate PayPal support. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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We would, but does not currently support Paypal. It would be the most convenient way for us too ..

Yes, so far it is PAL only. We will try an NTSC version, in the meantime you can play on the C64mini.