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yeah I managed! thanks so much :D

AAAA Im stuck in the void on the last lever (the one on the north)

Ok, friend, we know you didnt like it thats ok but you dont have to spam like 5 positive comments just because you didn't enjoy it.

For the executions I get your point, but animating like 3+ executions would be extremely taxing to anyone. This is a really well made game with actual reasons to be linked to danganrompa (the ultimate students play a huge part on the plot) I feel like you came in here expecting a sequel to danganrompa instead of a fangame. 

Its alright if you didnt like the game but replying like this to 4 other comments is just unnecessary and rude.

(sorry to dodoc if you get notified)

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Im gonna try so the spoiler is below the read more

Absolutely love the game! Im currently going insane about this set of numbers that Aki grumbled when he said "ready?" 

I tried inputting them in the code for the testing room but nothing happened so Im scowering around to see what I can find

ah I remember downloading this a while ago! I think I still have the demo in my computer, excited to see this :]


I truly adore this game I would've been so upset if it didn't work, thank you sm :D

I love this game!! its so fun and Im having a blast :]

Im playing in the steam version and I think I got soft locked though, Im in chapter 3 just before the battle against Sam's anxieties and I was about to fight but instead I saved and exited the game bc I had to go do something, I cant start the fight or get out of there, the music isn't even playing and I don't have any other save file (which is on me sorry) I don't want to have to restart since the beggining what do I do?

the hype is real

I love this game! I would absolutely pay for it...if I had money
I hope you keep developing it!