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yes i like it

é foda memo... vagabundo


muito bonita a animação da capa

afraid of fall death? pull this thing before you hit the ground

Oh. That surprised me

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Actually this game is the closest thing I found to a concept of RPG where you get to consider the "RP" (role-playing) part of a video game. The simplified skill checks and the lack of a level system does not restrain the level of role play you can do with your character. I must be wrong because I just finished my first playthrough, but with the skill set I choose I managed to get some interactions that I found well suited for the character I was roleplaying. Mix that with the huge variety of good answers, not bounded to ambivalent moral choices, and you get a masterclass that bethesda should follow on writing their games.

Can I test it for you? Or maybe its not as simple as that.
Got really curious about and really want to play  =)

Can you build it for linux?

Hey friendos. Just passing by to say that if you press forward and side keys at the same time while flying the music will be played twice at the same time. Don't now if you new that or if it was intended.
By the way... what a masterpiece. Can't wait for more!

Pretendo refaze-lo e aumentar ele mas dessa vez usando a Godot.

Really cool! Sometimes can be frustrating when you have no batteries left. Maybe some robots could have more battery, idk

But I really enjoy it

Who translated it to portuguese?

Thank you for spending your time playing and giving feedback.
I will check these and other things in the final version of the game.
Peace! :)

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Thanks for the feedback, bro! ;)
I was aware of the aiming problem and will fix it and the others bugs as well.