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You're not alone! I suck at playing tennis games too. :P

This game is amazing!! Thank you for making it!

I have another game on my phone. I want to save it, and I don't want the version I have on my computer.

It's alright! I'm glad you responded to me! Thank you for making amazing games!! :D

I'm so excited to seeing your new games, you wonderful person! I don't mean to pressure you however, you can take as much time as you like! I know I'm kind of annoying, but your coolness levels are going through the roof right now!

I've sent the email, and I know it's not good, but I'm looking forward about what you think about it! :)

It won't let me delete my account...

Thank you for replying!! You really are the best.
May I ask you a question?

How are you so awesome??? :D

PS: I sent you some fanart to you on Tumblr, since I didn't know where else to post it :0

To be honest, this is really one of my favorite games! The main character is so likable, and she reminds me of a character that I hold dear.  :)

Please, keep making masterpieces such as this one! You are so talented!