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tried this with online co-op, doesn't work, is there a possibility of making this work in co-op?

kind of a shame they decided to go with the nuclear option.. still, good luck with your future projects on greener pastures!

on that note, what's the future for dunkehr going to be?

ive heard about this game from a friend group im in, and seeing that it's been coded in gamemaker studio im going to get straight to the point.

how far does mod support go for this? does it only stretch to custom charts and sprites or could you theoretically slap a couple .gml files in there? im currently out of town so im unable to check for myself

hi, i have a new complaint. launcher is very, very broken and overpowered at the moment in my opinion. i went in and not only did i dominate the lobby with launcher/stratos, everyone else left due to how unfun it is to fight. maybe instead of having it be a weapon at all, make it a utility item like the orange where you can also grenade jump off of it? that way instead of having people stomp lobbies with a 6 shot instakill weapon with the only downside being they have to compensate for weapon drop, it's more of a utility that lets you gain a lot of height at the cost of not having a proper primary and having to rely on the two sidearms at the moment

hey, game's pretty neat! i have a couple qualms with it atm though; the big one is that the arsenal menu works strangely, instead of using arrows or a drop down menu it uses number keys to select weapons? strange decision, but regardless, i give this a good/10

1. i did see rivals of aether project backups being mentioned there though i didn't think much of it at the time

2. ohh, that makes sense actually, i hadn't tried doing that as i was just opening the gml files directly and assumed that the dialects only made said api entries detected on all gml files, not knowing that projects were even a thing

forgive my ignorance, but thank you for the help regardless lol

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so i tried setting up the rivals of aether dialect for gmedit, and no matter what i try, the rivals of aether specific functions are still showing up as variables/non-valid functions

i've done everything guides have told me to do. i've placed the roa folder directly from the zip i downloaded from the roa workshop guide into gmedit's api folder, reloaded constantly, even having tried downloading gmedit and the dialect again, though my attempts have been fruitless. while the dialect isn't 100% required for me, it would be nice to not have to remember all of the roa exclusive functions

is there something obvious i'm missing? thanks for assistance in advance