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Graphics remind me a bit of Thing on a Spring. Lobbed this into the pile for us to hopefully review at Zzap. Out of interest who will the physical release be through?

Now 1.2 is out, is there an easy way to move over to playing that  version if you’ve gotten a long way into playing on 1.1 on disk?

Trying to save using the Easyflash CRT version, and getting a failed message from Gomez. Having to rely on saving states in VICE itself (using version 3.1 here) to not lose progress.

Guess I’ll be playing on Expert as I’m used to Normal difficulty on the arcade heh…

Who will be selling the cart version?

I guess as soon as I discovered the herb garden, and anywhere that spawned herbs per day, I made sure to try and go there every day to stock up and get reserves. But even then I did run a bit low and used some of the spare cash I had buying full health potions from the shop in the town.

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I will agree partly, Normal was harder than I was expecting, and in some situations, I ran from battles as often as I could. However… that was part of the challenge heh. Also I’m not sure what gave you the impression you could only create one full health potion per story day, I was making as much as I could when possible. Admittedly near the end of the game, I was buying potions from the town shop as I was low on resources to create enough to keep myself going.

You don't. Consider a different solution to the problem...

Yes at some point you are able to hire a cart and go to places outside the village.

Thanks, wow, they look just like background graphics to me hence why I probably never tried picking them! So I got through the game with no MP restore potions on Normal...

Can definitely confirm there are 56 foxes as I found them all during my playthrough

Just to post top level here, where is the cayenne to satisfy my curiosity as I never found it?

Might need to spell it out even more for me Sue as I still never found the cayenne...

Then something going wrong because that's the solution to the "puzzle".

In the revamped recent XCom games by Firaxis, what happens is that the game produces a "seed list", and generates all the random numbers between 0 and 100 in a long, long list. When it needs to use a number it takes the next one off the stack to compare to your action, be it firing a weapon, capturing an alien etc. 

In the first game, the stack was fixed for the duration of the game. So even if you reloaded and attempt the action again, it would always be the same outcome. There was an option in the second game to "scum save", which meant when you reloaded a save game, it would regenerate the random number list. This did make completing Impossible difficulty a little easier!

Facing up to your bedside table

So *cracks knuckles* completing my review for Zzap64, hoping the game makes issue #5...

Feature suggestion for Briley 2, based on what you could do for the Bard's Tale. If you have completed Briley 1, allow people to import their save game into Briley 2 so she starts at the same stats you finished with, and items etc. If you don't have a save game, you get a pre-ordained fixed stat character.

The game, to that point, had already given you a couple of "hidden entrances" via the same type of bush that I naturally went to explore that part in the clearing with the stump.

Yeah, now I'm a lot further into the game, I'm using the amulet (not something like the witch's cowl) and charging it up when can, and brewing a lot more potions to take with me to make sure I can restore HP and MP.  But I'm playing on Normal not Easy so I guess it should be like that!

I had noticed Briley and Smokey "jump" downwards on the screen once or twice in the house when the pre ordained chat with Clarissa was going to start, wondering if that was to stop them walking into the fire heh.

Try the left hand side of the clearing where Sebastian showed you

They do return every day. But as Sarah's comment notes, apparently the forest ones respawn

The mint (and most other herbs) regrow every day, so had you picked EVERY single mint on the map? If not, you could have gone off and gotten some more. But I agree that if the game knows in advance you'll need an item that day, maybe logic check it out and prevent you using it.

Picked up one potion that restores MP. I'm sure you will learn a spell to make said potion too, haven't got that far yet if you can.

No, it's on the same screen as the Baxter house, on the left hand side by the villager.

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The 4in1 cart bundled with the GS is 512K, also Myth and Last Ninja Remix released by System3 were 512K also. Amazing what the GS console is worth today.

As for a Briley cart, it could just about work with old tech if you cannibalised an old GS 512K cart and replaced the bank switch chip to handle 2MB afaik. You’d have to save to disk though. Only the more recent carts allow you to save back directly to the cart itself. 

We could have, actually. The technology developed for the C64GS could handle up to 2MB of data, but no published cart went beyond 512K. Right now, the GMod2 only supports up to 512K but it also has a writable area which is a must for the on-cart saves. Hence why the game currently is Easyflash format only. The still-in-dev GMod3 will be able to handle a lot, lot bigger.

Bee hive near where you fought the rats

Don’t think using an attack spell here, but a different spell ;)

Really enjoying this so far :)

Spotted one typo in dialogue if you want to shove it into a possible v1.03 release:

Melodie: "until you're to tired to think about causing more trouble!"

should be "too" of course... keep up the good work Sarah :)

Definitely. Brave brave Sir Robin ran away heh. But once you get to the "boss battle" you just have to think laterally...

Yes, as soon as v1.01 came out I've been saving to disk instead

What was up with the Quickness potion?

I believe one of the Zzap reviewers ran into the crash bug so good to see it fixed!

Ah, didn’t realise save games would take up that much room. I guess the question is, would cartridge improve the play experience in terms of loading etc?

Not if you used a GMod2 cart, like Sam’s Journey and Hunter’s Moon Remastered.

We'd like to feature a preview of Doc Cosmos 2 in the upcoming second Zzap Annual, can you contact me over at ? Cheers!